Irish Cutie

After a hard loss, Kaylee finds herself in a difficult situation after she sleeps with the Niall Horan.


8. Chapter eight

On Monday, I gave Niall my address and he came over to my aunt's house. I met him at the door with Ali and Ella in my arms.

"You have two kids?" He asked.

"No, this is my cousin's daughter. She's in a rough place right now."

"Oh. Can I hold Ali?"

I went and put Ella in her room before I handed Ali over to Niall. He just sat there holding her for a long time before he finally said something. His big, beautiful blue, watering eyes staring at his daughter.



"I can't do this. I can't just visit her. I want to be a part of her life before it's too late. I want to be her father."

"And I want her to know you too. But you have your career and we can't just drop everything to be with you."

"If I tell the guys and management, maybe they'll give me more days off and understand. Come over to the hotel tomorrow and you can meet the boys."


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