Irish Cutie

After a hard loss, Kaylee finds herself in a difficult situation after she sleeps with the Niall Horan.


1. Chapter one

My parents and my sister had just died in a car crash. I was now living with my dad's sister, my aunt, and my uncle, being only 16 and all.

I was so depressed, my friends tried to bring me to a party in the cities to cheer me up but once I walked in all the happiness in the room made me burst into tears. I walked out, letting my friends go and have some fun.

I sat on a park bench crying to myself. Then a blonde hair blue eyed beautiful guy walked up to me and asked me with a thick Irish accent are you ok? I fell apart in his arms telling him everything that had happened to me. He comforted me and we went back to his hotel that was right next to the bench we were sitting on.

We ended up having sex that night, with me being all depressed and him probably a little drunk, we both needed to let go.

The next morning we swapped phone numbers and said our good byes as my friends came to pick me up.

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