A Gurl and Her Horse

Felicity is a gurl who works hard to do what she does for her horse and to get into a good college. But what happens when he runs into one direction and there gurl friends and a few of there friends things change and people do too!!!


1. Texas Here We Come....

*Felicitys * POV*


Today is the day Sunny and I are going to be going all the way down to Texas for competitions and to go to college.

"Sunny are you ready?"

"Yeah you?"


"What about our horses?"

"We have to load them up."


Sunny and I went out to the barn. Once we got out there Carmel and Kaspar were out there. I grabbed Kaspar's bridle and put it on him. I lead him out of his stall the last time and out of the stable for the last time. I put Kaspar into the trailer an tied him up in it.

I walked back into the barn and grabbed everything that belonged to Kaspar. I grabbed her English saddle and her extra bridle. I walked outside and put them in the trailer. I went back to the barn and grabbed my other two saddles,bridles,lead ropes , and Etc.


"Yeah Sun?"

"Could you get Carmel for me please?"

"Yeah sure. "

I walked into the barn and grabbed Carmel's lead rope and bridle. I put the bridle on her and then the lead rope I took of her blanket and folded it and draped it over my right arm. I grabbed the lead rope with my left hand and unlocked the pad lock from her stall. Once I got Carmel outside Sunny came over and asked me if I could walk Carmel around. I said yes and put her blanket in the trailer. I went into the pen and walked Carmel around. I knew how Sunny liked to warm up her Carmel. (Lol get it?!?!) I walked her around five times in the pen and then I climbed the fence and got on her back. I walked her around for a while and then I made her go into a trot. After her trot I walked her out of the gate and slid off of her. I grabbed her lead rope and pulled her into the trailer near Kaspar. I hooked her up and then went back to the barn where Sunny was.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah just got to grab my bags inside the house. "

"Okay. I can't believe we are actual leaving this place!"

"I know right. "


"Come in let's get the dogs and our bags."

We walked out of the barn. Sunny closed the doors and I closed the trailer door an made sure it was closed good. Sunny and I walked inside and grabbed her two bags and my two bags. We put them in the back of the truck. We grabbed the two dog bags and put them in the floor of the truck alone with a big be on the ground and another one on the seat for the dogs to share.

Sunny grabbed her two dogs Cali (Shepard Dog) and Mia (Golden Retriever). I grabbed my two dogs Shep (Shepard dog. Sunny and I got them together as a gift) and my other dog Buddy (beagle). We gathered them up and they got into the truck besides Shep cause she hurt her leg so we have to help her till she is better. I put her on the bed that was behind my seat on the ground. She laid down and so did everyone else. I ran to the trailer and checked on the horses they look pretty good but I walked in gave them a little bit more hay and water. I brushed each of them down quick and put there blankets on them. After that I open the window up for them to have some air. I shut the door and we were on our way! Texas here we come.....

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