A Gurl and Her Horse

Felicity is a gurl who works hard to do what she does for her horse and to get into a good college. But what happens when he runs into one direction and there gurl friends and a few of there friends things change and people do too!!!


2. Road Trip £ The New Home

*Felicity's POV*

Sunny and I were now going threw Oklahoma. We need to stop at a gas station. Sunny pumped gas while I went into the gas station to get snacks. I grabbed sunny snapple and Carmel buggles. I got code red Mountain Dew and munchies. ❤️💙💜 I went back to the truck and grabbed buddy and shep.

I walked then over to the grass to go potty. After they both went to the bathroom I took them both back to the truck an switched. I then grabbed Cali and Mia and did the same with them.

After I got the dogs back I gave then all food and water. Sunny then came back. We drove across the street to a store. I ran inside and grabbed apples and carrots. I came outside and went into the trailer. Sunny followed me. I gave her the bag of apples. I feed Kaspar his carrots and Sunny gave Carmel apples. We got back into the truck and headed off to Texas.

*4 Hours Later*

We finally made it to the town of Granbury. I am so glad to be here in Texas right now. We have tons rive threw Granbury just to get to the house.

"You want to get something to eat before we get to the house?" Sunny asked.


We grabbed mcdonalds quick. I ordered and Sunny took the dogs out to the bathroom. I cane back out with our food and Sunny was giving the dogs some water quick. After they were done we started to drive to the place. I had to take over cause Sunny has no clue where the house is. After about 10 minutes we got to the house. It was huge. It had a barn, fences and a swimming pool. It was so pretty. I can't believe someone left this beautiful house. Sunny and I got out of the truck. We let the dogs out and they look happy to finally be here. So are we. Sunny and I walked up to the house and went inside. Buddy Mia and Cali all came into the house. Shep was waiting by the trailer.

"Shep come on gurl. "

She sat there and looked up at the trailer. I knew she was waiting for Kaspar. They have been best-friends since Shep joined the family, which was 2 years ago. I walked into the house. It was huge and beautiful.

"Felicity, there are 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I love it here already." Sunny says.

"Thats good and come on Shep is waiting for Kaspar."

"Are you serious?" she says coming down the stairs.

"Look." I say opening the door to find Shep laying down.

"Thats so cute." Sunny says.

"I agree."

We both walked over to the trailer and Shep stood up with excitement. I opened ip the door and walked inside the trailer.

Kaspar and Carmel were just standing there waiting. I untied Kaspar and opened the stall. I walked him outside and Shep got into a play-ful position and barked. Kaspar neighed and did a little jump. He dropped his head down to Shep and Shep put her paws on his face. Then she rubbed her head on his.

"Thats so cute." Sunny says standing at the doorway with Carmel. I smiled at them. 

Then Shep got down and Kaspar raised his head up. I walked him over to the red and white barn. Sunny was following me.

"Which one you want?" I asked Sunny.

"You pick first."

There was 6 stalls. I picked the first stall on the left. Sunny took the one right across from my stall. We put our horses away and got the rest of the things.

*1 1/2 hours later*

We finally got the horses and everything taken care of. We grabbed our things and went inside. Tomorrow the movers will be here. Sunny's parents are going to help tomorrow with them. Sunny got out her laptop. We got the blankets and pillows out. It was already 8:45 pm.

We set a giant comfy blanket on the ground for us to lay on. We put a pillow on each side and a blanket for us. On the other side were are fett will be, we put the dogs beds and blankets there for them. Sunny set up her laptop. She put in the only movie she has at the moment was: Batman Begins. We both laid down and started watching the movie. Shep comes up and lays next to me side. I smile at her, close my eyes and go to sleep thinking about how college would be tomorrow. Yes, I have college tomorrow so that means Sunny will have to help movers. I might like for an hour but then go. They might not get here in time cause then I leave cause I have 1˚ O'clock classes till 7˚ O'clock. Then when I get back the movers will be gone & we have neighbors, Fun Fun. Well, Night Guys :) 









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