Coincidence or Fate?

After this girl went through a big change in her life, she found something that's unbelievable. What will her life be and how will it be end?


6. Chapter 6

I went down my apartment. The car was already there waiting for me. I leaved my suitcase with the driver and I went in the car.

Inside the car, Mr. Jefferson were already in there. He was holding a cup of coffee and reading a pile of newspapers. He looked up once I settled myself down. I heard the swallowing sound of coffee and he started talking,

"Ok Joy, I am giving you some advice for this long trip. Once you arrived, there will be a car that said X factor waiting for you. Each participant got a manager. Yours will be in your campus waiting. Her name is Angle. Now don't worry about your meal and everything. The campus prepared all those for you. Now remember this, do not start fights with your roommate or anyone else in that campus. From what I know, their family are really rich. Their parent can just send a note to the judges and the judges will disqualify you immediately. You hear me?"

I nodded.

" Oh here is the bad news, I am not going with you. I still have a lot of teaching to do. It's almost exam time and a substitute teacher won't help the need of the students. I have to go back. I am so sorry Joy."

"It's ok. I am fine with that. I don't want you to leave the students because of me." I said with a smile.


The car ride was pretty long. I think I slept through the whole ride. About one hour, we've arrived. I picked up my suitcase and walked in with Mr. Jefferson. We didn't really talk much. I think it was because both of us were sad about the fact that I am leaving. I guessed.

"I cannot cry!" I told myself . I have to show Mr. Jefferson that I am going there happily.

"Okay, it's almost time to check in. I hope you will have a great time there. It's okay if you didn't win. You are still our best singer in the school. Joy, I feel proud of you. You are on your own now. You will be the best, trust me, girl. Bye and good luck " Mr. Jefferson gave me one last hug and he cried. I felt the tear dropped on back. He was crying. I can't let my school down. I have to win this.

When I turned away, I couldn't hold it anymore. I released all the tears that I was holding in my eyes.

Yes, I have to win this for my life, for my school, for my dream, for everything.

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