Coincidence or Fate?

After this girl went through a big change in her life, she found something that's unbelievable. What will her life be and how will it be end?


4. Chapter 4

Today, people were all saying that I did a really great job. Thank you. I was really happy. Ashley was right. I can do it. I felt like a star now.

In the middle of English class, my teacher Mr. Jefferson and the principle Mr. Brown called me out. I was shocked. Did I do anything bad? I hoped they don't drop me out of the school.

When I was out, they used a rather gentle voice and started talking,

"Joy, you did a really good job in the grad dinner last week. Everybody loved it. So we are deciding if you can represent our school to enter the X factor. We don't want it waste a person who can really sing. We want you to be famous. We also understand the situation of your family. Don't worry about the plane ticket and everything , we will pay for you. All you have to do is to say yes or no."

My heart was beating. I needed to think fast. I really wanted to go. Will my mom agree with that? Oh! Come on Joy.

Finally I decided that I am going. I don't care about my family. They treated me badly. Now it was my time to do what I wanted to.

That night I went home and told my mom that I am going to the X factor. I was surprised when she said,

"Fine, you can go whenever you want. We don't want to take care of you anymore. Bye!!"

You know what, I was not sad or anything at all. I went to my room and packed my stuff

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