Coincidence or Fate?

After this girl went through a big change in her life, she found something that's unbelievable. What will her life be and how will it be end?


3. Chapter 3

Times were flying by. I was already in my daddy's car and ready to go to the grad dinner. Of course I was really nervous whenever I thought about the singing. My parent had never heard if it before. Whenever I asked them to hear me, the would just said

"Joy, please! This is reality, not your little lala land. Stop dreaming you little kiddo, and you sounded really bad. It gives me an headache. Now go back to your room and study. Stop bothering us, we want to watch the TV in peace. "

Sometimes, I thought that I am not even their child. If I am their only child, they should love me more than scolding me and hitting me. I really wanted to leave sometimes because I couldn't stand the pain anymore. Ok, let's not think about the stuff that made me sad.

So I arrived at the grad dinner just on time. We had fun, the foods were so delicious, I had never eaten foods that were so delicious. At my home, my parent always had good fancy food. But me, just some of the left overs and sometimes even worst. That was the reason why I was so skinny. the MC was really funny. Everybody looked so different. Most of them looked so great. We'll not included me. My mom just picked up one of the prettiest dress in those little shop and a high heel that didn't fit me. What kind of mom was that. I started to lose confident whenever I thought about my dress. Anyway, the food made me happy at least.

Right after we finished eating, the mc went on the stage and announced it was performance time. Luckily I was the last in the list. The first few performances were perfect, I started worrying about my performance. What if I am really bad.

Oh no, it was my turn. My heart was beating really fast. I couldn't stop shaking. I was so nervous. So what, I went on the stage and waited for the music to start.

Singing: (Oh~here I am, feels like the walls are closing in. Once again, it's time to face it and be strong...)

When I finished the song, I opened my eyes. The only thing I saw were the shocking in peoples eyes, even the teachers.

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