Can I love a girl?

Alexis was always an outcast. She was different from the other girls. They all liked dressing up and talking about guys, but she liked sports and hanging out with the guys. Because she was different, the girls discarded her. They would ignore her and tell their parents that they were uncomfortable with changing around her. She got a lot of hate for something she didn't even know she was. She hated dressing up and never looked at guys romantically. She didn't know what was wrong with her. As she finally enters high school she realizes something about herself that only the new girl Mia could do. (AN: this is GirlXGirl, if your uncomfortable with this, don't read. It will also be sexual, which is why it's red...)


4. Ready, Set, Go

"...I guess..." I can't help but be nice to her. She acts so inviting, and those eyes. I feel like they are hypnotising me to say yes and be her friend. I slowly hold out my hand to her noticing how shaky I am. She grabs it and bows pulling it upwards to her. I blush wildly as she kisses it. "Wh-Wha???" I pull my hand away quickly feeling my heart threaten to jump out of my chest. She smirks and starts to put stuff in her locker as she watches me. I shakily reach into my backpack and place my calculator in my locker making sure not to look at her. I take my schedule out of my shorts pocket. 

"Do you always come early?"

I jump once again hearing her speak. "Usually..." I usually don't talk to people for long, and I was pretty sure our conversation had already ended. I don't understand why she keeps talking to me.

"Then, I will come early too. We can have private time together every morning." 

I feel more heat go to my head. Why is she flirting with me? I gasp at the thought. IS she flirting with me? 

She gives me a confused look, "Why the gasp?" I ignore it and grab my book for first period. "I gotta go." I run off and stop to take a breath once I'm out of the hallway. 

A girl? Flirting? With ME? I don't understand! Does she like girls? I slap myself trying to get it together. Theres no way a girl like her would be interested in someone like me. I'm just overthinking it. She probably just really likes having friends. I let out a sigh and start to walk again looking for my 1st period class. I have Honors Geometry first with Mr. Borhart. 

Ha, that's a ridiculous name. Borhart? Boar-heart! I laugh at my own joke and continue walking around looking for the number. 

The room I'm looking for is room 122. I walk down a hallway. 

117, 118, 119, 120, 121... Found it. 

I notice the lights are off. I jiggle the handle, but it's locked. I decide to sit outside and wait for the teacher to come. I pull out my phone and my headphones, and start playing Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against. 

After a while of nodding my head to the music, I hear footsteps walking towards me. I see a large, bald man in dress pants and a yellow polo. 

"Hey there." He says as he sees me. I nod as a smile spreads on my face, and I hold back laughter as his unmanly voice sounds. He walks past me and unlocks the door walking inside. I get up picking up my backpack and book and walking in behind him. He sets everything up and I sit towards the back. 

The morning bell rings and I can hear footsteps as the students pour into the school. I let out a sigh and turn my music up.

Here we go...


AN: I'm feeling inspiration right now so I thought I'd write two chapters! I might do more, maybe, maybe not. We'll see. Also, UPDATE, I am currently on my laptop! I used to write with my ipad, but thats a huge pain. Thus, I'm going to use the computer to write these. This is a good thing in more ways than one, mainly because I will have less typos, and I just feel that It's much easier to type with an actual keyboard. 

Thank you to everyone who reads this!


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