Can I love a girl?

Alexis was always an outcast. She was different from the other girls. They all liked dressing up and talking about guys, but she liked sports and hanging out with the guys. Because she was different, the girls discarded her. They would ignore her and tell their parents that they were uncomfortable with changing around her. She got a lot of hate for something she didn't even know she was. She hated dressing up and never looked at guys romantically. She didn't know what was wrong with her. As she finally enters high school she realizes something about herself that only the new girl Mia could do. (AN: this is GirlXGirl, if your uncomfortable with this, don't read. It will also be sexual, which is why it's red...)


3. Meeting Mia

I live pretty far away from the school and I refuse to ride the bus. As I jog along he sidewalk I pass by multiple houses full of my fellow students. Almost everyone I'm my school can go walk off a cliff. God, I hate people.

I go as fast as I can once I pass the house of the guy that bullies me daily. It's a huge pain in the ass. The bad thing is that he knows that I jog past his house every morning. I notice him looking out the window at me and I go faster. His hair is long like a skater and the color of dark chocolate. His skin is naturally tan and he's pretty short. I don't understand why he's a popular.

He usually doesn't bother me when I jog past, but this time he opens his bedroom window and yells,

"Hey Dipshit! You're not gonna lose all the fat jogging!"

I cringe at his words and keep jogging.

When I reach the school I pull out my phone and check the time. I took a little longer than I wanted seeing that it's 6:00. I look around and see that I'm the only one here.

I let out a sigh and push open the door to the front entrance. I look around inside and walk over to the bathrooms. I lock myself in a stall and wipe my face. I had been crying. I guess I didn't notice until now. I leave the stall and look at myself in the mirror. I unconsciously fix my hair letting out another sigh.

After leaving the bathroom, I check the time. It's been about 5 minutes. I walk around the halls looking for my locker and I hear mumbling and slamming in the distance.

"Fuck! Agh! This stupid fucking! Shit!"

I walk over to there seeing a tall girl with long blood red hair, pale skin, and wearing a black dress and sticking with cats on them slamming her hand on the locker and spewing out cuss word after cuss word. I look at the locker numbers and follow them till I'm right next to her.

"Um... That's my locker..."I mumble staring at the number on the locker rather than her face.

"What?" She asks, then looks at the locker number. "Fuck. Of course." She looks at the number of the locker next to it and tries opening it swinging it open with ease. "Thanks!" She looks at me beaming. I nod and pull my backpack off my shoulder and unzip the front pocket. I shove my hand in and search for a paper with my combination on it. I pull it out and set my backpack on the ground and unlock my locker slowly changing each number to the right one. When it pops open in pick up my back pack and take out my books setting them inside.

"So what's your name?"

I jump a bit hearing the girl speak suddenly. She laughs lightly and smiles at me.


"That's such a pretty name! I'm not that surprised considering how pretty you are." She smiles again, but, when I turn to look at her, her eyes don't show happiness. They show something else. Something I can't put my finger on. I do notice that she's wearing contacts to make her eyes gold with little specks of blue and silver scattered all around.

"You're cheeks are flushed. It's a cute look."

My eyes widen as I notice it.

Why am I blushing? Who even is this girl? She never told me her name...

"My names Mia, by the way. I just moved here so I'm completely new." She frowns slightly then smiles wide once again . "You'll be my friend right?" She holds out a hand for a handshake and I stare at it.

What is this girl thinking?

AN: Hey guys! Sorry this update is SUPER late, I just wanted to make sure people actually liked the story... Thanks a bunch for reading! Let's see how this goes.



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