In love with a criminal

Mama, I'm in love with a criminal
-Justin bieber fanfic-


3. the note


-Fiyza's point of view-


I woke up and got up from bed, it took me a minute to remember where i was. I looked around the room and it was empty. ''Justin?" i asked. No respond.

I took my clothes and wore it, I then walked to a table and saw a note.

"It was fun fucking you, goodbye, x -Justin"


What the hell? Did he treat me like a prostitute?
I took a deep breath and then yelled,  I let all of my anger out. I ran outside of the hotel and went back home.

My mom was not home, she was probably at work, thinking of work, i should get to work. I went to the mirror and started crying.

He treated me like a prostitute.

I was a virgin until he came to me.

I went to my closet and wore regular clothing and went to my job, i worked at a restaurant.

I walked to my job since my job was right in front of my house and then my boss looked at me with disappointment

 "Fiyza, you're 1 hour late" My boss Eric said. "I'm so sorry Eric.." i said trying to hold in my tears.

"Sweetie what's wrong?" he asked. Eric is the best boss ever, he would never fire you unless you did something really stupid, like if you hurt a customer on purpose you would fired, other than that, you wouldn't get fired.

"nothing Eric..i just had a bad night" i forced a smile.

"alright Fiyza, if you need to take off, tell me alright?" he smiled. I nodded and went to work. I took a note pad and a pen and went to a table.

"Hello my name is Fiyza, I'll be here for your service today, what would you like to order?" i smiled, there was two men of my age sitting on a table.

"your number" a boy winked. I looked at him with disgust, "sorry sir" i said. "what would you like to order?" i repeated.

"I'd like to buy a Fiyza's pussy" He laughed and high fived his friend.

"Please''  I said, why is everyone treating me like a whore?

I looked around the restaurant and saw Eric staring at me,

"it's okay" Eric mouthed.

 "i am kidding,  I'd like to buy some pasta with some extra sauce, and put some spice with it okay?" he laughed.

I wrote down what he wanted on my notepad and then asked the other man for his order.

"I would like to order a steak with your boobs on the side"  he smirked.

"a steak? a steak it is" i wrote down.

"can i have your number Fiyza?"  he asked.

I ignored and went to my boss.

"they're flirting with me Eric! i don't want to help them!" i cried, "honey you really have to go home, you're really upset" Eric said, i put my head on Eric's shoulder and then looked at the two men that i just took the order and they just looked at me. I wiped my eyes.

"go home Fiyza"  Eric said. "no it's okay, i can do it" i smiled.

A few moments later when the two men's food were made i handed it to them.

"any ting else sir?" i asked both men.

"sorry" the boy said. "about our behaviour before" he said. I smiled and they gave me some money. "here's a tip" he smiled and handed me a 50$ bill.

"what, sir that's too much" i said. "it's okay, you deserve it Fiyza" he smiled. "thank you so much" i smiled and left. I got a call on my cell phone and i picked it up.

"hello?" i asked, i got outside of the restaurant because people were too loud.

"Fiyza, hey"
oh my god, it's Justin.

"what the hell do you want?" I yelled.

"why are you mad? don't be mad, come on" He said.

"Justin that note, i feel like a slut" i yelled.

"i didn't write the note..can i please see you and explain everything?" He said.

I sighed. "i don't know Justin.." i said.

"please'' he begged. "fine'' i answered.

"do you even know where I am?" i asked.

"Fiyza, baby, i am a criminal i just tracked you down, i know where you are" he laughed and hung up.

I sighed and got into work. "sweetie i am giving you off today" my boss said. "'s okay" i said.

"please?" he said, i smiled and picked up my stuff for home, and went back home.

I got home and saw Justin sitting on my couch, "what the fuck" I screamed.

"i told you, i beak into people's houses" he smirked.

"what do you want" i said.

"let me explain" he said. "go" i said.

"the note, i didn't write it, my manager did, he saw that you and I were naked on bed, and he wanted to get rid of you, so he thought that writing a mean note would work, and it did, but i don't want you to go away" Justin said.

"why not?" i asked. Now I'm worried.

"you're just really beautiful, sweet, innocent and you're like perfect" Justin whispered holding my hand.  I smiled and hugged him. "thank you" i smiled, he kissed me and then we went to watch a movie at the theatres.



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