In love with a criminal

Mama, I'm in love with a criminal
-Justin bieber fanfic-


12. no more show



"JUSTIN GET HOME NOW" I yelled at him.  "go home Justin, go see Fiyza, and figure this out now'' Scooter said.

''i'm coming home baby, don't worry, i'll fix this" I heard him say.


When Justin got home the first thing he did was brake a glass. I sat on the couch and kept on staring at him.

"fucking shit" he yelled. "I HATE EVERYTHING" he screamed.

He was going to brake the TV, but i stopped him. "sit down" i whispered. "yelling it out won't fix things" I told him.

"we need to kill this guy" He said. "do whatever, but don't yell"

"I'm sorry, I just, can't let anyone see you naked, your only for my eyes, not the others"

He took my laptop and searched up for Johnson's name on the internet. "i found where he lives" Justin said.

He wrote down the address into his phone. "let's go Fiyza" he said.

"where does Johnson live?" i asked.

"New York"

What the hell.

"Justin we can't just leave Atlanta like that" i told him. "fine then i'll go, if you want to stay here then stay"

He is so angry.

I sighed and got into the car.

He drove fast to the airport then got into the airport.

"can we have a plane to New York like right now?" Justin asked a women that works in the airport.

"let me check sir" The woman said clicking on some stuff on her computer.

"um sir there are no nearest plane right now, but there is one leaving tonight at 10 pm, you still have 8 hours left for it" The women smiled. "i can't wait, is there a private plane in which i can take?" Justin said.

The woman rolled her eyes and typed something on her computer. "there is no private planes yet sir" She sighed.

"are you sure? there is always one plane in the back, please check" Justin begged.

"sir, i am telling you, there is no plane" She said then there was a "beep beep" sound coming from  the  computer.

"wait a second there is a private plane going to Europe" The woman smiled. "where would you like to go?" The woman asked. "new york" i smiled. "alright, that plane can drop you off at New York" She smiled. "oh my god thank you so much!" Justin yelled. "when is the plane coming?" i asked.

"in about 15 minutes so please stay seated, I will let you know when to go there" She smiled. "thank you" i smiled at her. "it's no problem"

She pointed at the chairs and Justin and I sat there.

 "baby i promise you i will fix this" He said.

I smiled at him, "Justin I seriously can't trust people anymore" I told him. "never trust anyone Fiyza" he whispered.

"But there are only three people in this world that I trust Bieber" I said.

"oh and who is that?" He smirked.

"you, my mom and Latifah" I smiled at him. "I only trust five people" he said.

"who?" i asked.

"Obviously this girl named Fiyza" I smiled then kissed him.

"my mom, Khalil, Ryan and Za" He smiled. "that's really nice babe" I smirked.

"hey um Justin, can i ask you something?" I asked.

"of course baby what is it" he asked.

"how many people know that you're secretly Danger" I asked.

"a few, there's you that knows, Khalil, Za, Ryan and Latifah" he said. "don't tell anyone else" I said. "why not?" he asked. "because there is already alot of people that knows" i said.

"by the way has Za and Ryan ever, um, you know killed anyone" I whispered. "yeah they have" he said not looking at me.

"you guys can go to the plane now" The women told us, we got up and walked to the plane. The plane was pretty big, there was already a man and a kid.. "OH MY GOD JUSTIN BIEBER" A little girl yelled, everyone turned around to look at us.  This girl was so adorable, her face was so bright, her blue eyes shining.

"hey little girl" Justin said. "i am not little!" she yelled and folded her arms. "alright then hi big girl!" He said. "Hello" she smiled. "what's your name princess?" He asked.

"Maya" she smiled. "that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, where are you heading to?" justin asked. "Um..I don't know ask daddy!" She said.  Justin looked up and Maya's dad was there.

"Hi Justin" he said shaking hands with Justin. "hello"  He smiled.

"I'm actually so happy that you're here, my daughter loves you" he smiled. "i'm happy" he smiled. "where are you two going?" the man asked Justin, pointing at me and Justin.

"New York, you?"

"Europe" they smiled. "right!" Justin said. "vacation?" Justin asked.

"no..we're going to England for my daughter, we are going to the hospital there, she has cancer" She said pointing at Maya.

My heart sank. "What is cancer!" Maya yelled. It's official my heart just broke.

I got on my knees and hugged Maya. "Hi Fiyza!" She yelled kissing my cheek. "you're really pretty" She said.

"Thank you so much honey" I blushed.

I looked at Justin and he was hurt too.

"the money here in America for cancer research is way to expensive, in England is not that expensive" Maya's dad smiled.

"sir i am so sorry about Maya" Justin said. "she'll be fine, just keep her in your prayers, please?" He asked. "of course" Justin smiled.

"can i have your number" Justin asked.

"of course" The man said and Justin handed him his phone. The man typed his number on.

This man looked so young. "Maya where's your mom?" I asked. "there!" She said pointing at the sky. "what"

Is her mother dead?

"my wife died two years ago" He said.

This man has been taking care of his daughter by himself.

"i'm so sorry" Justin said.

I looked at Maya and her smile just brighten up everything.

"you are really beautiful Maya" i told her. "thank you, you are too " She blushed.

"how old are you?" i asked her dad. "i am 22 years ago, i had maya when i was 16, and got married to Sonia, my wife at 18 but then she passed away 6 months later" He said.

 This man is so strong, his story makes me want to cry.

"I'm so sorry man" Justin told the man. "i forgot to ask you this but what's your name?" I asked him. "Logan, Logan Verb" He smiled. "That's a nice name" i told him, he smiled at me.


We sat down and stared to talk to Logan and play with Maya.

"what hospital is Maya going to?" I asked. "the kid hospital in Bratford" He smiled. "alright, can I come for a visit?" i asked. "of course!"

I smiled and kissed Maya on the cheek. "you have to be strong, alright honey? for your dad, and your favourite singer Justin"

"and you" she smiled and poked my nose. "and me" i added. "do you want to take pictures honey?" I asked. "yes!" she jumped. We took pictures then i posted some on instagram.

The plane landed and I had to say goodbye to Maya, but i knew that i was going to see her in the hospital. I love this girl, I can't let this little girl go.

"bye Maya" Justin said kissing her cheek. "Bye logan, i'll see you soon" I smiled. "good bye Fiyza" he said giving me a hug.

"bye man, see you soon" Justin said giving him a hug. We got out of the plane then we walked to a taxi. "that girl Justin..she's so strong and so is her father" I said. "i know, we have to see them in England" Justin said. "We have to!"

"to 7th Avenue please" Justin told the driver. "alright sir"

The ride was quick it was only 10 minutes. We payed the driver and got out and went into Johnson Brown's house.











Justin wore his mask and took out a gun.

I knocked at the door slowly.

"HARDER" He yelled. He knocked hard then the door opened.

"johnson brown" Justin said. I mean Danger.

"Danger?" Johnson asked. Danger pushed Brown into his house and took out a gun. "Baby give me the tape!" he yelled, i took out the tape that was in my purse and Danger attached Johnson with a chair. "How do you delete the tape?" Justin asked. "what tape"


"you're Justin Bieber?" Johnson asked. Justin took out his mask. "tell me where it is!" Justin yelled. "i knew that you were a bad person you idiot!" Johnson said, "RESPOND YOU ASSHOLE" I yelled and hit the guy on the head. "wow" Justin laughed.

"was that good?" i winked at Justin.

"Actually no baby girl"

"i  hate you" i laughed. "um.." Johnson said.

"we'll kill you if you don't tell us where the tape is"  Justin said. "NO PLEASE" He begged us. "then tell us" I yelled. I took Justin's gun and shot it on his leg. "holy shit Fiyza" Justin said. "fuck! it's on my bed up stairs" he yelled, I ran to get it and there was a CD.

I went back to see justin then i saw him shoot Johnson. "well then"  I laughed.

Justin put oil everywhere then lit up the house.   "let's go" he smiled. "where?" I asked. "The club" he whispered.

"seriously?" i laughed. "we need to celebrate baby!" he said. We walked to a club and got in without showing our ID's.

I laughed and we went to bar with the drinks. "what can i get for the young woman" The tender asked. "coke" i smiled. "coke? baby come on get something else, get her a vodka and for me get me some vodka too" Justin smiled. "wait! no! Get me coke and him vodka, that's it" I smiled. "what baby come on! we have to celebrate" He said. "Justin if you and I drink, who's going to take us home?" i asked.

"talking about home, what hotel are we staying at?" i asked.

"there's a hotel at the end of the street" He smiled. "alright so here" i gave him the vodka and i took a sip of my coke. Justin shoved the vodka  into his mouth. "Justin!" I said trying not to laugh because his face changed expression.

"babe let's dance" Justin said, drunk. "alright fine"

He took me by my hand then took me to the dance floor and people took videos of us. Justin was too drunk to know that people were filming us.

He took his hands and wrapped it around my ass. He squeezed it and I kissed him.   "I love you Fiyza" he said. Whenever he says that I just can't help but smile. This boy is my life, and he is all mine, he's perfect.

"You're really perfect Justin" i told him. "baby you're probably drunk, i ain't perfect, i am the biggest asshole, you're perfect, you're making me perfect" He said. I hugged him. "you're the drunk one doofus"

"I am not drunk!" he yelled. He looked at the people around us and started yelling. "WHY IS THERE PEOPLE HERE!" he yelled. "because we're clubbing Justin" i laughed.

Justin is too cute when he's drunk. "come here i have to tell you a secret" He whispered. "what is it?" i laughed. "come here!" he yelled. He came closer to my ear.

"we should have sex" he said loudly.

"FUCK! Justin!" I yelled. My ear hurts, dammit. "that is not a secret anymore!" i yelled.

"Sorry baby" he said, he started crying. "why are you crying?"

"because i hurt your ear!" he cried. "it's okay, i'm not hurt" i laughed. "yes you are!" he yelled and cried even more. "alright you're too drunk let's go home" i laughed.
I pulled him outside the club then walked with him to get to the hotel.

"where are we going princess?" Justin asked. "the hotel" i smiled.

We got to the hotel and I went to pay. "here" Justin said handing me his credit card. "nah it's good" i laughed. I took out my credit card and signed in into the hotel. "here's your card ma'am" The woman behind the counter said handing me the card of our room to the hotel.

"we don't have any clothes to sleep or for tomorrow Justin" I told him,

"ugh never mind you're too drunk to know what i'm even saying." i laughed.






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