In love with a criminal

Mama, I'm in love with a criminal
-Justin bieber fanfic-


8. Moving away


-Fiyza's point of view-

"Justin I have to talk to you.." I whispered. I am going to ask him if we can go to Montréal with my friends and their boyfriends.

"Shit, am I in trouble?" he asked. I laughed and then kissed his cheek. "of course not, I need to ask you a something" I smiled.

"what is it?" He asked.

"Remember my friends? Latifah, Sara and Kylie?" I begined.

"yeah.." He said holding the 'ah' at the end of 'yeah'.

"well, we are planning on going to Montréal" I smiled.

"that sound's fun! You should go!" he had a bright smile on his face.

"I'm not done talking! I was wondering if you can come with us" I smiled hardly.

"Fiyza..It will be annoying if I'm there, the paparazzo's will come, my fans will follow, I can't" he said. "you girls go, but I can't, I don't want to ruin anything" he said smiling.
That smile is a fake smile.

"stop doing that" I told him. "do what?" he asked. "fake smiling"

He looked down. "sorry" he whispered. "hey don't say sorry" I said hugging him.

"I don't care about the paparazzo's, just please, if the paparazzo's do come, I will give u anything" I smiled.

"you're telling me that if there are  paparazzo's, I will tell you to  do whatever, and you have to do it" He smirked.

"yes, promise!"

"then fine, I'll go" I jumped of excitement and then hugged him. "thank you thank you thank you!" I yelled kissing him everywhere on his face.


 -Justin's point of view-

I was sitting in the living room with Fiyza, she was taking a nap beside me and I was watching TV.

I heard my phone ring, from Scooter.

"hey Scoot"

"hey Justin! how's it going? how's everything"
"I'm doing fine, perfect actually, this girl scoot, oh my god she is amazing" I smiled and stared at Fiyza.

"I'm really happy for you bro, I'm honest, I hate to do this but I have to tell you something" He said.

"oh shit"

"You have to come to Atlanta for your new album"  Scooter told me.

"what?" I just broke, I can't leave Fiyza here, I need her, I can't live without her.

"I'm sorry.." he said.

"Can I please invite Fiyza?" I begged.

"of course Justin"  I smiled.

"when do I have to come?" I asked.

"as soon as possible J, please, you haven't done anything for a long time, and I think it's really good if you get the fans an album before new year's eve"

"alright, I will have to discuss this with Fiyza" I said.

"perfect, call me right away when you're done"

"alright bye"

I hung up and then looked at Fiyza.

I closed the TV and shook Fiyza.
Fiyza woke up and looked at me. "why the fuck would you wake me up" she yelled. I laughed and then kissed her.

"Sorry baby, I have to talk to you" I smiled.

"god damn, fine tell me" She said getting up. She sat up straight and looked at me in the eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful. Light brown eyes, her tired eyes were still beautiful. Her eyelashes were still beautiful.

"Alright so my manager called me, and he said that I have to go to Atlanta.."

"Alaska? that place is cold as fuck Justin, you can't do that!" She yelled. "Not Alaska princess, Atlanta" I laughed.

"Oh" She said, she looked really upset.

"I have to record an album, and I think it would be awesome if you came with me" I smiled.

She smiled brightly.

"really?" She yelled. "Yes really" I laughed. "I mean, sure whatever" She is trying so hard to be cool with this.

 "what about Montréal?" She asked. "um..when do you want to go?" I asked. "next weekend" she whispered. "Alright so we'll go to Atlanta right after we're done our trip in Montréal, alright?" I asked.

"perfect!" She hugged me and kissed me.


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