In love with a criminal

Mama, I'm in love with a criminal
-Justin bieber fanfic-


4. mama, i'm in love with a criminal


----three months later-----

-Fiyza's point of view-

Justin just came back from a house that he broke in and I saw blood on his arm. "Justin!" i yelled, and looked a close look at his arm. "it's okay, I'm okay" he smiled. "come here!" i said panicking, I cleaned the blood out of his arm and I caught him staring at me.

"why are you looking at me like that?" i blushed. "you're beautiful" he said. "Justin! that's not the time! your arm is bleeding! there's cuts!" i said, i looked at the cuts and it was not really bad.

"it was from a window" he laughed. I put a piece of cloth around his arm and he sat on my couch and I sat beside him.

"you'll be okay, don't worry..danger" i smirked.

"I'm okay" he smiled. I looked outside the window and he was still staring at me.

"Fiyza?" he said. "mhmm?" i smiled.

"i want to tell you something" he said. "what is it?"

"i really..i mean really really love you" he started. I love him.

"i really love you Fiyza, it's incredible"    I was always in love with him.

"i always loved you"  

"will you please be my girlfriend?"

I smiled and kissed him. "does this answer your question?" i smiled. "yes" he laughed and kissed me.

"i want you, all of you forever" he whispered. I hugged him, and then smiled.

I kissed him and then he smiled. I saw my mom come in. She know's that Justin is Danger, and that Danger is Justin.

"hey Amy!" Justin said. "Hey Justin!" my mom replied. "Hey sweetie" my mom said kissing my forehead.  "Fiyza, i won't be home tomorrow for two  months, i am going to Dubai for work, so you have to stay here okay?" my mom said.

"what, i'm supposed to live here alone!" i asked.

"you have friends here honey, it'll be okay" she said. "No it won't, what if someone get's into the house at night" i said, then i looked at Justin.

"Why are you looking at me?" he laughed.

"it's okay Fiyza, i'll stay in at night here" justin smiled. "Really?" Amy said. "Yeah!" he smiled. "thank you so much honey!" my mom told Justin.

My mom went to her bed room and I followed her.

"mama i have to talk to you" i started.

"what is it sweetie?" she asked.

-Fiyza's  point of view-

"Mama I'm in love with a criminal"  I told my mother, she blinked at me twice. "Fiyza.." she whispered.

"how could you?"  Water streamed down her face, "are you with Justin Bieber, the criminal?" she asked.

"yes mama"

"get out of my house please" she whispered. "mama,  please don't be upset"

"get out. now."

She pointed at the door, and I walked outside slowly.

I went outside of her bed room and told Justin to come with me outside. "what's going on?" He asked.

"nothing, i just want to get out" i smiled. "baby tell me" he said. "nothing Justin!" i yelled.


"where do you even want to go?" he asked. "anywhere, i don't care" i said.

He held me by my hands and then we went to his car. "there's no paparazzis here" he said.

"Yeah i know, the media isn't allowed to be on this street" I said.

"Seriously? why"

"its just an order" i replied.

He smiled, and kissed my hand. "Then I think i will have to come to your house every single day" he laughed. "i'm good with that baby" i laughed.

I closed my eyes and prayed that my mother get's okay, with Justin and I being together.

"are you happy" Justin asked. "hmm?"

"are you happy that we're together" he asked. "yeah baby, of course I am" i smiled.

"you have to know something first" he said. What?

I raised one of my eyebrow up and he started to speak.

"since we have been spotted together outside  a couple of time, a lot of my fans had sent me bad tweets about you.. " Justin said.

"I know baby" i laughed. I have a twitter account dedicated to him.

"every girl i am with, the girl always get's hate" he said. I know that.

"so like since you don't have a twitter account, i think it's good for you to keep it that way" Justin said.

"why?"  I asked. "because then you will get hate" he said.

"justin.." i started. "i have a twitter account" i laughed.

''what? since when!" he yelled. "since 2010, and you never followed me back you idiot" i laughed. "what's your twitter?" he asked.

I gave him my twitter and all he did was laugh. My twitter was dedicated to him.
My icon was me and Justin.

My header was Justin and then my bio said:

"Justin makes me happy"
He looked at me when he read the bio then he kissed me.

"and you make me happy" he smiled.

"i don't think you're going to get much hate baby" he said. "how come?" i asked.

"you're a belieber, and i am now dating a belieber, and a lot of my fans wanted me to date a Belieber" he said.

"that is true, I remember tweeting that once, i remember saying that you should date a belieber" i laughed.

"now guess what? you're with me!" he said poking my nose. "how ironic" i laughed.













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