In love with a criminal

Mama, I'm in love with a criminal
-Justin bieber fanfic-


2. author's note

hey guys!   I hope you like this book! I hope I write this book for long, and I don't delete it lol

Please like, comment, fan and favorite.

It will make me happy, I will try to make the book long and happy.
I hope you like

if you have questions! ask and I will reply ASAP!:)



by the way Fiyza is a girl haha


Justin is a secret criminal, he hides by wearing a mask and he does crimes with that.

Fiyza is a innocent girl.


The mask that Justin is wearing, is the mask on the cover of the book, if you want more picture go on google images and type "Justin bieber chanel mask"

its a black mask with a chanel logo on the forehead! :)

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