In love with a criminal

Mama, I'm in love with a criminal
-Justin bieber fanfic-


11. A show for money


It's been a week since Justin and I moved to Atlanta, it feels good. Khalil and  Latifah moved here too. Justin and I live in a condo and Khalil and Latifah are our condo-neighbour.

It's nice to have our best friend live next to us.

"so um baby, tonight I'd like you to come to the city's theatre" I told Justin. I am going to give him the show tonight.

"why?" he asked. "don't ask why just come..alone, please" I begged him to come ALONE. "will you come tonight?" I asked him. "um sure" he laughed. "alright so I'll meet you there" I winked at him.

I left the condo then went to theatre, I rented it for Justin. I decorate it then stage with red ribbons everywhere and put play boy bunnies on the walls.

I put on some instrumental music and took out my lingerie.


It was leopard print and the prink lace covered the stomach.

 I took a seat and wrote Justin's name on it.
I then got a chair and put it on stage.

It was then time for Justin to come to the theatre. I heard the door open so then I hid behind the stage. "hello?" I heard Justin say. "fiyza?"

I took a microphone and then started speaking into it. "Mr Bieber please sit on your seat" I said into the microphone. "what is this?" he kept on repeating.

He sat on his seat and then I put on the music,  I wore my heels and walked on stage. "holy god baby" he whispered. I went towards him then took off his shirt slowly, I pulled him towards me and bought him to the chair. "you're so sexy"

He sat on the chair and then I started grinding against him, I felt his breath shake, I started twerking on him then I felt his hands on my butt.

His mouth kept moving against my back.

I turned around and then started making out with him. I felt him undress me and I let him.

I then pushed him on the floor and took off his pants, I got on top of him, thrusting it up and down, with a condom. Never forget the condom.

I moaned slowly and then he took me off and placed me gently on the floor his dick was so huge, and hard.

I smirked because I got him hard.

I felt his fingers in my vagina.

"Your pussy is so tight baby, fuck" He moaned.

He put his head between my thigh and started licking it.

"Justin oh shit" I moaned. He was so good at everything, this boy is perfect.

I kissed him harshly.


The car ride to the condo was quiet, no words just silence. It was peaceful.

When we got home we went to bed. I fell asleep in his arms.





I woke up and saw that Justin wasn't beside me. I groaned and then remembered that Justin had work in the morning. I went to make breakfast but it was already made, Justin made it for me. He made pancakes. How cute.

I smiled and then started eating my breakfast, I opened my TV and TMZ was on. They were talking about Justin and me.

"A video of Fiyza giving a strip show to Justin is on sale, after the brake we will talk about it! give in your calls about them" The host, Harvey said.

I choked on my food then called Justin. "hey baby" I heard him say. "yeah okay! JUSTIN" I yelled. "what?" he yelled back.

"open TMZ" I yelled. "oh shit come on not another rumor" he said. "it's not a rumor its us from last night" i whispered in shock.

"holy jesus, SCOOTER OPEN THE TV" I heard Justin yell.

I kept on staring at the TV. "I can't believe this" Justin told himself.

"welcome to TMZ LIVE, alright so we all know that Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend for a few months has been together, well they have been known for 'hottest couple' but they have a bad thing going on, apperently Fiyza was giving a nice sexy show for her boyfriend but didn't realise that someone was recording them"

"oh shit balls" i told myself.

"TMZ has all the information, the video of Fiyza stripping is on sale starting at   100 000$ and the man selling it, is  a man named Johnson Brown, you guys can find him on his website"

I quickly took out my laptop and typed in 'Johnson Brown"

Then there was a website

A video of me grinding on Justin was on the website, i clicked on the video but it said 'buy to watch Bieber!"

I remembered that i was still on the phone with justin.

"what the fuck Bieber!" I heard his manager, Scooter say.

"you're an idiot!" he yelled. "Scooter, i'll fix this" Justin said.

"how Justin? from buying the tape? then what! I bet Johnson Brown has more copies of you fucking Fiyza!"

"I SAID I'LL FIX THIS" He yelled.

Justin is going to kill Johnson, i know that he will.


hey guys,im sorry for the very late update, I just got in trouble for a really long time by the cops. but now im back. but heres the bad part, im not allowed to go on the internet or leave the house. Right now i'm using my best friend's laptop to update. Im not allowed to be on the internet + im on house arrest sadly.. but comment like and fave please. and wish me luck

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