In love with a criminal

Mama, I'm in love with a criminal
-Justin bieber fanfic-


5. a date

-Fiyza's point of view-

My mother left to Dubai and I was currently in my bed room with Justin watching TV.
The fans did find out that we're together, Justin tweeted it and I tweeted too. I did not get any hate, if I got hate it was only because they were jealous of me being with Justin.

I looked at Justin and he looked bored, what if I play with him a little. I got up of my bed and went to the bathroom, i took a lingerie and wore it sexily. It was a hot pink lingerie with a black lace at the sides.

I went back to the bed room in which Justin was at, and he looked at me. His eyes went dark and then he got up from bed.

He pushed me against a wall and kissed me rougly and took me to the bed. He's an amazing kisser. I sucked his bottom lip and asked him for entrance and he doesn't  let me. But he ask's me for entrance and I let him.

He starts playing with my panties and he tries taking it off and i helped him. ''are you ready for this baby?" he asked. "yes i am Justin" i moaned.

I take off his belt and then he kicks off his jeans, He rubbed his body against me and i felt a boner on him.

"justin you're boner is so big" i laughed.

I bent down and put his erection in my mouth and move back and front.

Then he told me to get up and he unbuckled my bra.

"Damn baby your boobs" he winked. He stars sucking one off my boob  and he fingers my other nipple "mmm Justin" i moaned.

He takes one hand and moves down me. He puts one finger in me and then i moan and the moan makes it echo into the quiet house.

''shit Justin'' i cried. He then hits my g-spot and puts three fingers in me.

He then turns me around and puts his length in my vagina.

"you're so big" i yelled.

he took off his length and i felt my bottom wet. He puts his mouth around my vagina. "you taste good baby" he winks

i smiled when we were done. and then  went to him and kissed him.

"baby" He whispered. "hmm?" i smiled. "Do you want to go on a date with me" he asked. "uh.sure" i laughed. "that was un expected" i laughed.

"a date at Canada's WonderLand?" he asked. "yes! oh my god!" i yelled. "when?" i asked.

"tomorrow, if that's okay with you" he said. "perfect baby" i smiled. "you will love this date, i guarantee it!" he said with excitement. "okay baby i believe you" i laughed.


--next day--


I woke up with a big smile on my face realising that Justin was right beside me, sleeping.

I kissed his cheek and got up to make breakfast. I made old fashioned pancakes with a smootie.

While cooking i heard Justin's foot steps.

"good morning" i laughed while cooking, not turning around to see him.

"how do you know i was behind you?!" he yelled.

"Justin, you're my boyfriend,  I just know" i laughed. "that's so romantic" he said poiting at the breakfast. We sat on the table and started eating our breakfast.

"this is good shit babe" he said.

"well i do work at a restaurant" i laughed.

"you're a chef" he said.

"this is heaven!" he yelled.

I smiled at his comments and got proud.

"Justin, at what time do we go on the date?" I asked.

"at like 12 pm? is that good?"

"it's good" i smiled.

"i'll be ready by then" i laughed.

I fnished breakfast and got up from my seat.

"wait sit down"  he said.

-Justin's point of view-

"wait sit down" i told Fiyza.

"what is honey booboo?" she laughed.

"Fiyza..i have to ask you something" i said.

I needed to ask her where her father was, i felt unfortable at the begining to ask her, but right now i think it's a good time.

"yeah?" she asked confused.

"where's your father?" i asked.

I looked up at her face and saw anger in her. Her face got red and her eyes got dark. "don't talk to me about him" she whispered. "baby, why? what's wrong" i asked.

"Justin, don't make me get mad at you, please, don't ask me about that man" she got a little louder.

What is going on?

"Fiyza, I just asked where he was"

"STOP"  "DON'T CALL HIM MY FATHER"  She yelled really  loud. I think Pakistan heard her.

"sorry" i whispered. She stormed off to her bed room and i had to follow her and appologize.

She was crying on her bed and  I went behind her. "baby i'm so sorry" i said rubbing her back. "i'm sorry" she said. "for what?" i asked. "For yelling at you" she said. "its okay baby girl, forget about it" i smiled.

"i want to tell you" she said. "you're my boyfriend, you told me everything about your family history, i want to tell you mine" she said.

"you don't have to" I said.

"I will" she said getting up.

"my dad, well let's not call him dad because he was not a dad, let's call him Mark because that's his name" She started.

"When Mark found out that my mom was pregnant with me, Mark immediately went missing, 2 years later my mom gave birth to me, ALONE, Mark came back then he..tried killing my mom and me, he burnt us two at my old house, he put oil everywhere and lit up, we got burned on the body but thank god the fire department came really fast" She said.

oh my god, she would've been killed, i wouldn't have seen her today.

"He was missing again after" she said. "Then when i was 6 years old, he came back to kill me because he wanted my mom, for God sake! I am his daughter! why does he want to kill me!" she yelled and cried.

"baby, you don't have to tell me the rest" i said. "i want too"

"he came back with a gun, When my mom told me that he was my dad, i got so excited because i was a kid! i didn't know he was a bad person! So i hugged him, but then he took a gun out and then my mom took me in her arms and then he accidently shot my mom on the stomach" she cried.

"we went to the hospital, and now my mom is okay, so then when i was 10 years old, at like 2 am, he came into my bed room and tried choking me"

"he took a piece of cloth and covered my face with it and he took a rope to strangle me,  i screamed so my mom came running to save me, she pushed Mark off and then he left again. I hate him to death Justin, my mom cries every night because he's scared that i might get hurt again" She said,

"but guess what Justin" she said. "what?" i tried to hold in my tears, i can't believe my princess is in danger.

"when i was 15 he became the director of a stupid company" i said, "he is still dangerous though, i'd be at a store and then him and his co-workers would try harassing me" She said.

"did you tell the police?" i asked.

"I did, a lot, but they can't do anything because Mark is really rich now" she whispered.

"Justin i'm scared" she cried. "baby if i'm with you, then that means I will keep you safe, i promise" I smiled.

"promise?" she said. "i promise" i hugged her.

"now get ready, we have to go on a date" i smiled. I got up and went to my bag and took out clothes.

I rented Canada's Wonderland for only Fiyza and me. I wanted us to be together forever, i want her to love me as much as i love her.

-Fiyza's Point of view-

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, my face was so dry from crying, and telling Justin about my story.

After my shower i went to my bed room and looked inside my closet. What is good for an amusement park?

I wanted to be comfortable and look good in front of Justin.

I took out a navy playsuit with white poke a dots.

I wore it and it looked good, i then decided to do my hair, i was obviously going to mess up my hair by the rides so i just did a bun. A perfect high bun. I didn't care if it turned bad later.

I did my makeup and then went to see Justin, he looked good.

"wow baby, your legs are just so wonderful" he smirked.

"thanks i didn't try much today" i laughed. He took my hand and we went to his car.

I sat beside him and we drove off to Wonderland.

He parked at wonderland, and the parking was empty. Was wonderland closed today?

"justin, i think wonderland is closed today" i said.

"it's not, Wonderland is open, but only for us two"
i smiled and realised that Justin rented the place.

We got into the amusement park and the first ride that we went into was a rollecoaster.

The biggest ride in Canada.

Shit i am so scared.

"Baby don't be scared" he said squeezing my hand. We sat on the roller coaster and then we moved.

"shit justin!" i yelled. "why am i here, oh my god this is so scary, i don't know what to do, help holy shit" i yelled.

"baby it's going to be fun! just hold my hand all time" he yelled. We got on the top, and then the roller coaster started.

I screamed and closed my eyes, a few seconds ago i opened my eyes and saw Justin laughing at me. "i fucking hate you" i yelled. But i did not mean it, and he knew that. "baby this is fun!" he laughed.

The ride stopped and i jumped off the roller coaster. Justin was behind me and the first thing i did was hug him. "oh my god i'm so glad we're alive" i yelled, he laughed and patted my back.







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