Bailee Verona...... 19 years old. Goes to college at Washington State University. 6 of the coolest friends ever. Reagan, Harry, Liam, Erin, Louis, and Zayn. Loving college, her friends and her family. Her parents relieve a life-changing secret that shatters her world. But, in between all this mess, she meets Niall, the new kid from Ireland. She falls in love with him, and he becomes her narcotic.


1. Cast

(A/N) So I am showing the cast so you can get a picture of everyone. As the story progresses on, I may add more members to this list. I hope you all enjoy. Love you all! :* <3 ;)


1. Ryan Newman as Bailee Verona

2. Niall Horan as Himself

3. Zayn Malik as Himself

4. Louis Tomlinson as Himself

5. Liam Payne as Himself 

6. Harry Styles as Himself 

7. Ashley Argota as Reagan Barrenger

8. Demi Lovato as Erin Deegan

9. Logan Lerman as Alexandre Lenoir

10. John Stamos as Thomas  Lenoir

11. Blake Lively as Anna Marie  Lenoir

12. Julia Roberts as Jaqueline Lenoir

13. Stanley Tucci as Mr. Verona

14. Brooke Shields as Mrs. Verona

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