Why!? Sequel to Niall I Changed Get Over It

Hey it's me Cierra. It's been a year after me and Harry broke up. I feel like something is going on tho. Like why would he brake up with me me out of the blue. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.


9. 8

Cierra POV

It was about noon now, and I felt like going out. But first I went on Facebook, and I saw that and old friend was in town, I called up Carlos, "Hey carlos!"I yelled. "OMG Cierra! How are you boo! Girl I missed you!" He yelled back. "Omg you have no idea how much I missed my gay best friend. Haha. Anyway I saw your back, wanna hang?" I asked. "Omg boo. I'm sorry I busy today, I'm with my boyfriend for the first time in 3months. You understand right?" He explained. "Yeah that's cool. And. Maybe another day." I said sadly. "Okay bye boo love you!" "Love you too!" Then I ended the phone call. Oh wait I have a boyfriend I can call up. Haha. "HARRY!" I yelled loud. "Hey babe." "Wanna hang?"I asked hopefully. "Yess! Where?" He asked me. "Umm the Starbucks." I said. "Okay bye love see you there." And with that I hung the phone and walked to Starbucks. It was easier to take the ally way so I did. But I felt like someone watching me. I looked back and saw nobody until...


Hey carrots. What happens to Cierra. Haha. I'll update soon. And ignore my 'haha's' I been doing that a lot with my texting and writing. And talking. Haha. Okay whale bye!

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