Why!? Sequel to Niall I Changed Get Over It

Hey it's me Cierra. It's been a year after me and Harry broke up. I feel like something is going on tho. Like why would he brake up with me me out of the blue. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.


5. 4

Cierra'a POV

i woke up next to niall, eww gross! why was i sleeping with my brother!? okay not like that but i mean why did i fall asleep next to him? 'niall? niall? niall!' i yelled. ' huh? what?' he asked. ' why am i in bed with you?' i ask. ' oh well you fell asleep and i was pretty tired my self so i just took you to my room. why?' he explained. 'uhh oh, nothing just wondering.' i said simply.

Harry's POV

I felt like, like i needed to talk to Cierra, ya know win her back, with out telling her the truth about her brother.. over all he did get my mate out of jail. and at the time he couldn't pay for himself to get out, thats right hes someone famous too. but he spent like all his money and i mean all his money, on  heavy drugs. and hes family wouldnt help him and i felt bad for him. after all he is an idol for loads for girls out there, and like nobody should see their idol in jail...

Any way i decided to call niall. 'hello?' he answered, i guess he just woke up. 'hey mate its me Harry.' i said. 'oh hey! whats going on mate?' he asks, thank god i thought i had to pull off this convo bye leading him into it. ' umm well i wanna talk to you about somthing..' i trailed off. 'about?' he sounded more alive, i guess hes finally awaking now. 'Cierra and umm like i wanna go back ou-, 'WHAT NO YOUR NOT GOING BACK OUT WITH HER NO! because if you tell her the truth-,'what no mate im not going to do that! ill think of something if she asks but lease mate i need her..'

Niall's POV

' look i know that your going to end up telling her so no, we are perfectly happy, brother and sister your no use now harry!' i say getting angry, ' please niall i dont know what ill do without her, i even though about leaving the band because i cant stand seeing her ifs shes not mine..' he trailed off, ' fine harry but if you tell her you know what will happen, and one more thing, if you tell her ill leave the band and force her to come with me rather she likes it or not, i know how to convince her so watch your back styles.' i said and with that i hung up the phone.


HAY CARROTS! OMG okay so will harry ever tell cierra the truth? will there relationship be based off a lie so that they can be together forever? hey what do i know i just the writer of the story! lol!ill update i promise okay whale bye! 

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