What do I write?

She's a girl with a past with a story that has made her change.
His your average boy with a regular life no change to it.
She's deffensive and won't let anyone in
He keeps pushing at her walls trying to knock them down
She is drowning in her thoughts
He doesn't know her
He wants to know her
When he finally gets in and see the truth behind her disguise will he be able to save her?
Save her from herself?


2. The New Girl

I stood in the line with the boys waiting to get my lunch, when my mate Tyler turns to me and says “Hey Jace did you see the new girl” “No” I replied I didn’t know there was a new kid starting today although it doesn’t surprise me. We get a new at least one new kid starting here every fortnight. “Oh, well she’s hot I thought you would have seen her by now, god knows everyone else has…she looks different” He sounded unsure of the last bit I wonder what he means. I decide to ask. “Really how?” I try to sound like I don’t care but I could hear the curiosity leaking in. “I don’t really know, different from the girls we usually hang out with, I mean she wears skirts not short shorts that look like underwear, she’s quiet as well, but I think that’s just because its her first day you know no friends” “So…” I say what is so special about her she dresses differently to other girls that’s it? “So nothing I just wanted to know if you had met her yet, I mean no offense mate but you’re the lame one here, you usually know what’s going on, even show some of them around.” His speaking from experience he was a new kid here last year I got put on as his mentor to show him around the school and he ended up here as one of my best mates. “Right then” I reply this conversation is awkward I don’t know if either one of us know where this conversation is leading or has a point to it. Tyler and I reach the tree where we usually hang out, we put our trays on the bench next to it and sit down next to the boys, after a few ‘shove over’ and ‘Oi’ and maybe a curse or two where settled I say “So did you hear about Tiana G and Troy B?” I say The boys were quick to respond and went on talking about the events of the last weekend. I get out my phone logging onto my facebook I tune out the group and start scrolling. I walked into my music class heading straight for my seat at the back of the room I say hi to the guys and then faced the front waiting for the teacher to mark attendance, a girl walked into the classroom. Her hair was neatly tied back out of her face a few strands had fallen loose and were hanging loosely around the edges of her face, she was wearing clothes that made her look older but it fit her in all the right places. She had on a blue pencil skirt matched with a white blouse and a washed blue denim jacket that sat loosely on her shoulders. Her skin was so light it was almost white but her face had a pink tinge to it. She was wearing sandal boots that laced up her legs to her knees, She had red lips and blue eyes and sitting perfectly on her collarbone was a necklace with a single ring on it. She walked over and took a seat in the front row of the classroom where nobody ever sits. I watched her as she lent down to get her books out of the bag as she reached down her jacket hitched up her arms reveling various bracelets all up her arm as far as I could see. I was drawn away from my observing by my teacher saying my name. “Jace? Mr. Straitor? Jace?!” “wha..what?” I reply unsure of what I had missed “I was marking the attendance, you didn’t reply, are you here?” “Clearly” I say rolling my eyes getting a laugh from most of the class but the girl in the front remains silent sitting still and facing the front making me frown. “Alright, Alright settle down the teacher says She continued reading out the names with the students confirming they were here. “Aaliyah Kelly” She reads “Here” The voice of the new girl rings softly through the classroom. My teacher smiles gently at her “Welcome to our school dear” she says Aaliyah's soft voice replies in almost a whisper thanking her. Throughout the class she sits facing forward not turning around once she stays quiet and concentrates on the task given while the rest of the class goof off talking loudly, she answers people when they speak to her asking her why she moved and about her old school but doesn’t give much of a response before turning back to her work. I sit there the whole lesson watching her, I know that’s creepy but I couldn’t help myself there was something about her that made me want to know more about her. The bell soon rang sending everyone sprinting down the steps and out the door, the teacher sighs either out of pleasure that the class is over or in disappointment that they didn’t wait to be dismissed. Aaliyah just sat there in the front row waiting. “You can go now Miss Kelly, Mr. Straitor you can too.” She said clearly shocked I was still sitting there so was I. I ran down the steps to get to the door running straight into Aaliyah. With the speed I was going at it sent both of us flying straight to the ground. “Shoot” I say under my breath as I recover from the fall. At the same time I hear her mumble something that may or may not have been cursing. For some reason I felt myself getting embarrassed I quickly picked up my books shoving them messily in my bag, I picked up a few of her books and handed them to her, not meeting her eyes I mutter an apology and ran out of the room leaving her sitting on the floor.
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