Trapped in Hogwarts

I was watching the Harry potter movies just as Hermione successfully learned to apparate I felt a jerk behind my navel.Suddenly I was in Kings Cross Station with a Hogwarts trunk and robes........


1. The Hogwarts Express

I heard the whistle blow so I slowly made my way to the entrance. Almost at once I saw Harry having trouble getting his trunk aboard. A worker already took mine so I went to help Harry. I helped lift his trunk analog with Fred and George. Harry invited Ron and I to sit in a compartment with him.We made our way to an empty compartment in the back of the train.We sat down then Hermione came in asking if we have seen Nevilles toad. Suddenly I realized I was trapped in the world of Harry Potter!! I tried to clear my mind but I couldn't. I tried to think of what happened next and I guessed ron would ask to see Harry's scar. Sure enough about 10 seconds later Ron pointed  at Harry's forehead and said " You really are Harry Potter I thought Fred and George were joking!!!" Yep I'm Harry.Then I heard a rattling coming to the compartment. The old witch pushing the trolley asked if we wanted any sweets. Of course I didn't because I had no wizard money all I had was 50 $ in " muggle money " but  I reached in my pocket anyway. I felt large coins instead of cash though. I took one out and it was a gallleon!! I bought some cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs , and Bertie botts every flavor beans. Harry did too. We piled up all our sweets and had a pre feast feast. After we finished our sweets we had to change into our Hogwarts robes. Minutes later we arrived at the carriages pulled by Threstals. I was one of the only ones who knew they were there  because I already knew everything about Hogwarts and  Harry's life and how to kill conformity. I really wanted to tell him about the horcruxes and about everything but I figured I shouldn't change the course of the wizarding world. I finally decided to tell Dumbledore all about what I knew....

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