This story has sexual content and is very discriptive.

No matter how much he hurts me I somehow keep running back to him. We are like magnets. We are attracted to each other.


4. not again

I wore my washed out skinny jeans and I purple tank top tucked in with a leather jacket over it. I pulled on black converse on curled my hair and put mascara and eyeliner on.

I set my bag next to the front door and walked to the kitchen. My mom had pancakes and fruit laying out on the table. I sat down. "Good morning mom." I said leaning over and giving her a hug. She smiled "good morning!" I piled some fruit on my pancake and chores down. "Hey Ty... I don't have work so I can drive you to school. And maybe we can go out tonight to just have a mommy daughter night?" I giggled "your such a nerd mom!" She smiled "let's go then!" We got up and got in my moms mustang.

She drove me to school and before I stepped out of the car she stopped me. ""Okay.. I'll be here when you get out k?" I smiled "bye mom." I stepped out and walked into the school. "Was that your freak show of mom?" Kyra the schools bitch asked. "Shut up." I growled continuing my way to my locker "why did she go crazy?" She asked. I Ignored her "Tyler? Wow.. Such a boy name!!" She laughed "your mom is such a freak.. Especially after your dad left.. Did she kill him?" I clenched my fist "go away kyra." I said

She laughed "and what happened to your brother ehh? Wasn't he your twin and he just abandoned you?" I turned "shut up!!" I yelled "you can talk about me beat up on me. But NEVER talk about my family!" I lifted up my fist and punched her. She fell over and I kicked her. Her boyfriend saw. "Hey bitch don't touch my girlfriend.!!" He yelled trying to punch me but I caught his fist. And stepped on his foot. He bent over and I kicked him in the gut. I kept kicking him until strong arms wrapped around my waist. "Let go!" I screamed

"Hey! Tyler.. Calm down!" He said I growled recognizing the voice. Harry. "Harry let me go!" I whined. Then the tears started falling. I escaped Harry's arms grabbed my bag and ran out of the school.

The tears fell down my cheeks and I ran and ran until I couldn't breathe. I stopped in front of an ally. And I heard yelling. I don't get scared easily but I was. My breathing hitched and I freaked out. Then someone walked out from the shadows. It was the same guy from the other day. I backed up trying to run but he caught my wrist. "Where you going beautiful?" He asked I shook my head "let go.." I whined. He laughed "I believe we have unfinished business from the other day." He whispered in my ear. I screamed "stop!!!! Let go!!!"

He pushed me up against the brick wall. The same one from the other day. More tears fell from my cheeks. He ripped my jacket off and started kissing down my arms. I tried pushing him off but that only resulted in and punch in the stomach. I groaned and fell to the ground. "Stop..." I cried "he kicked me. "You little shit... No wonder your dad left you." I cried "how do you know about him??" I asked "you didn't know did you?" I shook my head "he's a drug dealer.. He left and then I killed him from not giving me my money. Before he died I told him I would get his most valuable possession. That's you." I backed off "ah ah ah.." He laughed "your not going anywhere." I got up and ran but something hit my side. I looked down and saw blood coming from my stomach. My breathing started getting heavier and I fell to my knees. A knife was sticking from my back and I pulled it out. I whined. Then I heard the man groan and I body fell to the ground.

When I looked up harry was kneeling in front if me. "Harry!" I whimpered "it hurts.." He picked me up bridal style I gasped "ow.." I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck. "I'm so sorry baby. Are you okay?" I nodded "it's not your fault." He shook his head. " I'm suppose to protect you.. And I didn't." I rested my head on Harry's shoulder. "It hurts!" He nodded "I know baby." He carried my for 30 minutes until he reached his house. I sat on his counter and he cleaned me up. Next we called my mom and told her what happened and where i was. Harry held me on the couch. "Why are you suppose to protect me? I mean why talk to me? You literally don't talk to anyone but me." He shrugged "why don't you ever give me real responses. Harry sighed and shrugged I groaned

Harry chuckled. I leaned into his warmth "thank you harry." I whispered "for what?" He asked "everything." I sighed as I fell asleep.

A/N hello! Okay so this is my last update for a couple days.. I'm going to try and figure out how I'm going to continue this.. Well how to get the exciting parts started.. Thank you for reading and I'm sorry for any typos. If you have any suggestions for me then please comment.. It would mean a lot!! I hope your enjoying this story as much as I enjoy writing it... I love you guys!


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