This story has sexual content and is very discriptive.

No matter how much he hurts me I somehow keep running back to him. We are like magnets. We are attracted to each other.


14. new school

Harry and I walked to his motorcycle and we both got on. I wrapped my arms around his torso and he drove off. When we got to school I got off the bike. Everyone was just staring at us. I kissed Harry's cheek "thank you for the ride." I smiled "I'll pick you up after school." He said "I can just ride home with ashley.. I mean she did bring my car." I shrugged "okay. I'll see you later." He smiled and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

Then I turned and met ashley at the front door. "Okay.. You ready for hell?" I asked. "as reasy as I'll ever be." She laughed. As we walked to the main office I felt everyone's eyes on us. "Ugh.. I hate people who stare." I mumbled "same." Ashley smiled.

We got to the office and I leaned over the desk. "Hey. We are new. We need our schedules." I sighed. The lady turned around "ahh yes. You guys must be ashley and Tyler." She said looking through. a filing cabinet. "Yeah that's us." I replied she handed us our schedules and she gave us our locker numbers. "Thanks!" Ashley smiled.

We walked to our lockers and dropped our stuff off. I only took a notebook and a pencil. Then we walked around trying to get a feel for the place. Soon the bell started ringing and we slowly walked to our first which happened to be math. I groaned "I hate people." I said "I can tell." Ashley laughed I looked at her "except for you." I said.

We got to the class and we were introduced "hello.. I'm mr. Banks. You must be ashley and Tyler. Class give them a warm welcome. You can sit where ever you like." He smiled. We nodded and made our way to that back of the class. I sat down I put my feet up on the desk. Ashley smacked me "get your feet down!" She hissed. I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing "hey.. I told you when we met. I'm not good in school. I hate it and the people. And people are usually scared of me." I whispered "sorry just.. I'm the good girl.. Soo I'll have to get used to you." She said I nodded and continued listening to me. Banks. The truth is.. I hate school and the people.. Yea that part is true but I'm really good in school. I get straight 'As' and it's actually a little too easy. But nobody knows about my grades except my mom and Louis.

The bell rang and we went to English. In that class we sat in the back too. I drew on my notebook. I drew a picture of me, my mom and Louis. By the time I was done the bell had started ringing. I grabbed my stuff and ashley and I walked out. We had 3 more classes. Music, gym and I worked in the library. Then it was lunch. Ashley and I met at our lockers then walked down to the lunchroom. We got some food and sat down. We sat in the back.

I ate half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some peaches. Ashley are a slice if pizza and carrots. We were just sitting talking until two people sat down. One out his arm over my shoulder and the other put it over Ashley's. "What?" I demanded pushing his arm off of me. "Come on baby. You guys are hit we just want fun." He smiled I looked at ashley and saw pure fear in her eyes. Then I smiled to her "it's okay." I whispered. The. I looked at the boys "go away." I demanded

They laughed "no." The one sitting next to ashley said. I rolled my eyes and shoved the boy next to me off the bench. He fell and hit his butt. The I stood up and grabbed the boy next to ashley by the collar. I pushed him to the ground "I said, go away." I growled. They stood up and one grabbed my wrist "I wouldn't do that if I were you." I said. He pulled me towards him and out his lips on my cheek. I pushed him away and punched him. He fell to the ground and the 3 of us got into a huge fight.

"Stop!! Ty.. Please stop!" I heard ashley. I looked at her and she had a couple tears in her eyes. I sighed and looked back at the boys I caked them so they would stay down "don't ever touch either of us again." I growled. I grabbed Ashley's hand and we left. I took her to my car and drive us home.

When we got home I took her to the kitchen and got her some water. "I told you In not good. That's why people are scared of me." Just then Harry walked in. I turned and he ran over to me examining my face "what the hell happened?" He asked "got in a fight." I shrugged "with who?" He demanded "two boys. They were bothering us and I got mad. Best the crap outa them. And ashley got creeped out so I brought her home." I said like it was no big deal. He laughed "come on.. Let's clean up your cut." He said getting a rag and washing it up.

When he was done I gave him a kiss. "Thank you." I smiled and went to my room.

A/N hey guys!! I am having a horrible writers block for this story.. I absolutely have no more ideas. So I need awhile to think. Ahh it's driving me insane! D:

Sorry guys!! But I'll continue with my other story so please read that!! Te amo


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