This story has sexual content and is very discriptive.

No matter how much he hurts me I somehow keep running back to him. We are like magnets. We are attracted to each other.


2. helpless

My eyes fluttered open and I looked around. I was laying in a black couch... Not mine. It looked like I was in a boys house. It was a bit messy. Then I heard banging coming from a kitchen? It made my head hurt worse. I groaned. And when I did a boy with curly brown hair came walking in "your awake!" I nodded "you've been here for two days." He said helping me sit up. He looked at my head "you okay?" He asked. I shrugged "yes." I whispered. He nodded "you hit your head pretty hard. Thought you would need stitches, turns out it was just a small cut." I nodded "thanks." I whispered. Then something clicked in my head "I've been here for two days?!" I screeched jumping up.. Only to lose my balance and fall into the boys arms. "Steady." He helped my out to his car "what's your address?" I told him and within 10 minutes we were sitting in front of my house.

My mom came running out of the house and I jumped out if the car "mom!!" I yelled running into her arms. "You had me worried sick!" She yelled "where were you?" "Excuse me.." My mom turned to the boy "she was attacked and had passed out for two days. I helped her and she just woke up." My mom smiled "well...-" "Harry." "Yes Harry, thank you for helping my daughter, it was very kind of you." My mom then gently helped me up the porch and into the house. I heard Harry get in his car and drive away.

"I'm not feeling well, so I think I'm gonna go to bed." I told my mom running up to my room and plopping on my bed falling asleep almost instantly.


The next morning I woke up at 6:00 am and decided to go to school. I jumped in the shower and when I got out I wrapped a towel around my body and my hair. I walked to my closet and chose an outfit: high waisted shorts with a pink shirt tucked in with combat boots. Next I walked over to my vanity putting in a pink nose piercing and silver and pink bangles. I next out silver studs into my ears. Then I turned my flat iron on and dried my hair while I let it warm up.

I took the towel off my head and dried it out, once I was done I brushed it and continued with straightening my hair. Next I put on eyeliner and mascara and pink lipgloss. I slipped my phone into my pocket grabbing my bag that still had my money in it. Then I walked downstairs setting my bag next to the door and making my way to the kitchen. My mom turned and smiled at me. "Good morning sunshine!" I smiled "goodmornig mom." We sat down and ate our eggs and bacon. "So are you sure you want to go to school today?" She asked me. I nodded "yeah.. I don't feel like laying around and being lazy." I replied. She nodded "okay. I have work and I won't be home until late. This time please don't go near any allies." I sighed "I won't mom." She then got up "oh... And I love you!" She smiled walking out the door. I sighed and cleaned up my breakfast and looked at the clock. Ugh 7:45 I guess it's time to go.. I walked out the door grabbing my bag and keys, jumping into my car and driving to hell.


I sat in the lunch room at my table in the corner. I lifted my feet up to my chest and ate my Cheetos while scrolling through my phone. Then I heard fighting I looked up and saw two boys beating each other up. A girl walked over to me shaking like a leaf. "H-hi umm Tyler? Right?" I nodded "umm c-can you a-stop them?? Please?" I rolled my eyes and stood up.

I walked over to them. I grabbed the schools football player by the collar. And pushed him to the ground. Then I grabbed nick.. The schools 'hottie' they looked at me and there eyes widened. Nick started backing up "boo." I said he ran away and gage started laughing. I looked at him "get away from me." I hissed he stood up and ran off. I walked to the girl "don't talk to me ever again." I said she nodded and backed off. I then stalked off walking to my locker to grab my bag so I could go home. "So there scared of you?" I nodded not looking at the guy. "You gonna look at me?" He asked "wasn't planning on it." I said turning to Walk away. He grabbed my wrist and made me turn to face him. I looked and saw Harry "hey beautiful!" He smirked. I rolled my eyes and walked outside. He stopped me again. "Where you goin cutie?" He asked stepping in front of me. "Home." I said shoving him out if my way and walking to my car. "Ooh a Lamborghini.. Hmm mommy a rich ehh?" I rolled my eyes but shrugged. He then pushed me up against my car and started kissing me.

Somehow I found myself kissing back. His as slipping around my waist and mine going around his neck. Then he pulled away smirking "bye gorgeous." He smiled turning and getting on his motorcycle and driving away.

I blushed... What is happening to me?

A/N hello hello hellooooo!!! Lovely day today!! I hope everyone is having a good one! Sorry for the short chapter and I hope there not any typos. Anyway... Thanks for reading!! Love you!!


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