This story has sexual content and is very discriptive.

No matter how much he hurts me I somehow keep running back to him. We are like magnets. We are attracted to each other.


6. gone

Tyler's POV

I sat in my room sitting on my bed staring at my reflection in the mirror across my room. My eyes were red and puffy from crying so much. My ribs were starting to show my arms were lined with cuts my face still bruised from going to the gym.

It's official... I have completely fallen apart. Louis is still here. Harry always avoids me and even though I can't see his eyes behind those sunglasses I know that he stares at me. Niall and zayn quit talking to me just like I asked them to.

I've never felt so broken in my life. I don't know what's going on with louis. I always feel like a pair of eyes are on me. I feel like somebody is always watching me.

I slowly stood up turning off my light and pulling a long sleeve shirt on with a pair of black skinny jeans. I sat on my bed just sitting in the dark. I let my eyes adjust and then I could see. I layed there looking at the ceiling for about 15 minutes when I decided I needed to go out. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs to see louis and mom watching tv.

"I'm going out." I said loud enough so she could hear. Mom turned around and smiled "with who?" She wondered "nobody. I just need to clear my thoughts." She nodded "okay... Be home by 10." I nodded and walked out of the house and into the cold of night....

I walked down the street but as I'm walking I feel like somebody is watching me. I turn in a circle and when I do a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and drag me into the dark ally. I go to scream but a hand covers my mouth. "Shh Tyler it's just me." He whispers and I recognize that voice anywhere... Harry. His grip loosens and I turn and slapped him so hard that his cheek turned red on impact. "Okay. I guess I deserved that." He mumbled then I walked to him and wrapped my arm around his waist. "I missed you." I whispered into his chest "I know baby girl... I missed you too." I smiled

"I just had to see you one last time before I left." He said. I yanked myself away "leave?! Your leaving why?" I asked he frowned "the police are after me. They found me." I shook my head confused. "Why are they after you?" I wondered. He smiled softly. "I don't expect you to forgive me after this but you should know." He took my hand and rubbed it with his thumb "you're scaring me harry." I whined. "Tyler.. I'm in a gang. And umm so is louis, but he'll tell you later. Anyway we are in a gang and we sort of umm kill people...." I shook my head "harry.. I-" "let me finish.." I nodded "louis asked me to watch over you and so I went to school but that was stupid on my part... Anyway... While I was doing my job I found myself falling for you. Yes Tyler... I love you. And it scares me because What I do is dangerous and if anyone finds out about you then your in danger and I can't risk that.." I smiled softly and found myself once again wrapping my arms around him. "Thank you." I whispered "for what?" He asked I chuckled "for telling me..." I pulled away "I gotta go." I said kissing his cheek and walking away.

A/N sorry I know it's a short chapter but it's just a filler while I finish the next chapter. Thanks for your patients. Please like favorite and comment!!

Love you guys


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