This story has sexual content and is very discriptive.

No matter how much he hurts me I somehow keep running back to him. We are like magnets. We are attracted to each other.


11. CALI!!!

We got up at 5:00 in the morning and Harry literally carried me out to his car and set me in the passenger seat. I fell asleep in the car and we left.


"Ty." I heard somebody call my name "Tyler!" I heard and he started shaking me "Ty. Baby wake up!" My eyes fluttered open and I looked around. I looked and saw Harry in the drivers seat "you sure slept along time!" Harry smiled. "What time is it?" I asked "um 5:00." My eyes went wide "P.M?!" I gasped "yes." He laughed. I shook my head "where are we?" I asked "your new home." He smiled. "We got here a couple minutes ago." He said.

We got out of the car and I looked around. It was a big two story house, it was white with blue shutters. It was so pretty. The driveway was long and was lined with trees. There was a pretty garden on the side yard. I walked inside and there was a big chandelier in the main entrance. The walls were and ugly pink color. But I will paint it. :)

The house was big and it was beautiful except the paint, that was ugly! There were 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There was even an attic. I chose the room in the very back of the house, it was the coldest room. It had a big window that had a gorgeous view of the ocean. I walked back down the long hallway and down the spiral staircase. I walked outside to see the moving truck. I grabbed my bag and pulled out a couple hundred dollars. (Did I tell you that I've saved up from illegal fights.) "Harry!" I called he looked over and smiled "yes baby?" I walked over to him "can I please borrow your car?" I asked "why?" He asked

I shrugged "I need to go to the store." I said "I'll go with you." He demanded I nodded "mom!! Harry and I are going to get stuff for the house!" I yelled "okay be safe!" She replied.

Harry and I drove to the nearest hardware store and we walked in hand in hand. "I need to get paint cuz that house is UGLAY!!" I said Harry laughed "yes ugly colors!" I giggled

We walked to the paint isle. I grabbed red and cream paint for the front room. I got brown and cream paint for the kitchen. I got teal, brown and cream for my moms room. Ashley said her favorite color was purple so I got purple and a light gray color for her. I decided that Louis room should be red. For Harry's room I got a dark blue, and last but not least I got paint for my room,I decided to get grey and turquoise.

I walked to the cash register and payed for all the paint. Then Harry and I drove back home. I walked in with the paint and put it in the kitchen on the counter. I had ashley and my mom put plastic through out the house. I told Harry and Louis to go find something to do because there boys and don't know how to be neat, so they left and went to the movies.

After the plastic was down We started. "Okie dokie! Ashley can you paint the kitchen please?" She nodded "sure what colors?" I gave her the brown and cream "cabinets brown walls cream." I said "okay." She nodded walking off. I turned to my mom "can you help me with the front room?" I asked she nodded. "Thanks... We will do it red and cream. I'm going to paint the front hall cream and I want the two left walls cream and the right wall red. Can you do the red?" She nodded and went to work.

I started on painting the front entrance cream and when I finished I moved on the the left walls. My mom asked what next and I told her to help me with the other wall. We all finished painting the kitchen and front room and we moved on the the bedrooms. We did Harry and Louis room and then my moms room. I told ashley that I wanted to do hers and mine. Then we had to run back to the store for more paint. We had to get paint for the office, the movie theater and the guest room. For the guest room I decided to get I light purple and white. For the office we got a beautiful light pink color. Then last for the movie theater I got a darker gray.

We got back to the house and painted the last two room. By the time the paint was completely done and dried it was already 2:30 am. We walked out to the moving truck and started unloading the furniture for the front room. I got some coat hooks and nailed them to the wall next to the door. Then I got key hooks and nailed that next to the door. Then I got a small black shelf and put it next to the door with a vase if flowers on it.

We put the couches up against the wall and then out the tv on the wall. Soon we were done and the front room looked good! Oh and there was white carpet. Then moved to the kitchen. There was tile floors and granite counter tops. It was gorgeous. We put out table in the dining room that was connected to the kitchen. We pushed the table under the the chandelier and put a vase of daisy's on the table.

By 7:00 am we finally finished the whole downstairs. The office, movie theater, kitchen, and front room. We moved on to the bedrooms. Got the boys room and then my moms room. Then by 9:30 the boys came home and the house looked gorgeous! <3

The boys looked around and they liked it. We all went to bed. I slept in Harry's room and ashley slept in my moms room. And soon we were all dead to the world.

A/N hello peanuts! It's a wonderful day!

Okay.. I don't really feel like I did such a good job on this chapter as I could have done. So I'm really sorry about that.

A bit of a rant... But I need to get this off my shoulders....

So my mom found out about my cutting. I had it on my arm and she saw but I lied and said that me and my friend were messing around and it was an accident and she believed me... It was a really close call. And just last night my mom and I got in a huge fight. We were yelling at each other and she took my phone and then I was pissed and went to my room and cut. My legs are now red and sore and because it's my first time cutting on my legs they are sensitive and it burns. But I like it because it feels good.

Woah... Okay sorry I just really needed to tell somebody that and I don't have anyone but you guys.

Thank you guys for all the sweet comments and thanks for the support! I love you guys so much and I hope you know that! <3

Love, Adrianna

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