This story has sexual content and is very discriptive.

No matter how much he hurts me I somehow keep running back to him. We are like magnets. We are attracted to each other.


13. A/N


Hey guys!! So I think I'm gonna take a few days off with this story.. I'm not sure how to continue it so if you have any ideas please please please tell me!! Anyway I've started a new movella as well.. It's called protective, so if you have any time please go check it out!!

So I'm making an Instagram and a twitter for this so if you want go check those out as well!! I will put my users down below!! :)

So I was thinking... I just feel like you guys should get to know me better so.. You guys can ask me anything you want and I will answer as truthfully as possible. You can ask me on twitter, Instagram, kik, or on here.

Thank you guys for everything! And don't forget to tell me if you have any ideas for this story!! Thanks!!!

Kik: Nj_Horan1

Instagram: Nj_Horan1

Twitter: adris_movellas1

Thanks guys.. Lol I'll probs just post a bunch of random thing on my accounts soo yeah. Bye!


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