Google Translates

Have you ever tried putting something into Google Translate, and then changing it back into English? The result, funny enough, is often not even close to what you put in originally.


13. Night

. 8 Finals Asian stereotype - Night

Asia short of first, such as a small

2 Asia eat rice every day

In the three Asian countries, I find a shame to the SIP

4 Asians have the last name of the small change

Is the aspiration of the best 5 Doctor

6 Asian is a terrible driver

Speak aloud really 7 Asia

Preferably, the concert level, children of 8 Asian, learn the violin and piano

Bubble tea love 9 Asia

10 strange things to Asia to eat chicken feet and fish-eye and shark's fin

The thought of the 11th Festival of Asia, it is an opportunity to get ahead of the other

Asia wear shoes of 12 in the house

13 Ajiago to study Asian languages

14th Asia Karaoke

All the time to drink tea of Asia 15

16 Asians eat dog

? "Ivolves Have you that" you have learned 17 daily conversation

Still with universities untin date, 18th Asian parents believe that it is not yet too young children

All calls from the 19 parents, turned out to be a life lesson

20 Asian is a stingy cheap, and love to haggle

Parents of 21 Asian, loves children compared to other

There is no need to go anywhere when used to study rather than 22 hours

23 Asians have a piano in the living room

Asian parents of 24 conservative and strict

25 Asians have a terrible accent

The 26 we Obviously, we can not see

KPOP's love or J-Pop 27 Asia does not understand the language,

. You can use these glyphs ^ ^,> 28 Asians <, T_T such as object-oriented

29 Good Table Tennis

Meeting of parents of 30 Asian, if you do not stop for a chat of age

For 6 hours in school to get tutoring in Asia of 31 for lazy people

Asians, 32 for (I have to say, grew up) of A = normal, bad B =, C = Crap, D = deny, LS = F word

The powers of 33 Asia, there are several types of Kung Fu

I learn tai chi and 34 old Asia meeting

The 35th Tiger Balm is the secret weapon of your

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