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Have you ever tried putting something into Google Translate, and then changing it back into English? The result, funny enough, is often not even close to what you put in originally.


14. Ariadne Wight

"Beautiful Hell"

Fedora felt the tears with her, and again staring disease or infirmity, the very body. They refused to be subjected to her eyelashes, and refused to withdraw in anticipation, and falls.

Like his father.

His body cold and pale was bleeding profusely from a gaping wound in his chest the ice, but he stayed. In Fedora, you know pain if he if not terrible, there was no can do yet they. Her brother and she would not care what it is to die now he. Is, at that point was that important of all, breath, benzene itself, check.

King sound lattice "traitor" of the whistle dead against ear of Fedora. Cold breath that can not be it apparently ... "some of all ... traitor ... traitor, required language, was interrupted" They.

Fall, her tears kneels shamelessly is Keren next nodded young sorrow his father. Keren was the age of one year or more nearly, to the Fedora was strong. It was Phaedra, which always has to be.

"I, my father punish them,. Swear, I steel in the voice of." She vows to cowards of us of a man dead in order to get the soul of the people I of us, the sword of my it was amazing. It sounded almost as if ... as if they were meant what he said he. However, Keren was not a warrior. There was nothing I can do. Or really ...

However, the voice of benzene of Keren continued, I promise the comfort he can. It takes her father, Prince found a helmet dying broken worn once. How corwn that was broken, you were divided from behind, adorned the upper limit, the entire front as separate. Fedora looked in amazement brothers as he raised his head to mask his own.

"I swear ... the father," the boy began to lament again for a moment before straightening again. And and. Swear revenge, until you've done, because I intend to hide in order to keep my face, when the. I failed so that no one care about my failure, "I I she there for them to have children and children and grandchildren, or are happy, who early. either of. continue to fight for justice until the world ends "

But φ Dora Keren, knew something was not seen. Benzene teacher, his father, legitimate king, and friends leaders of his, had died.

Girl was a woman of the moment, offers grabbed his brother, grabbed Shouler, what comfort he could be, the sobbing child. They drag the subsequent so knew that it was very young that there was no opportunity 2 they, she led him out of the 10 tons in order to collect the consultation of war.

But, somehow, these dirty traitor swore Fedora that will pay for this. Together, my brother and I will avenge my father. Together, we kill Ra'Ziel.

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