Google Translates

Have you ever tried putting something into Google Translate, and then changing it back into English? The result, funny enough, is often not even close to what you put in originally.


7. A/N

For every 10th chapter (10, 20, 30, etc.) I have decided to Google Translate a chapter of "My Immortal."

Just so you know. Look forward to that!


Oh yeah, and I will probably start changing up the languages at that point too, just to keep it fresh. I'm thinking that for 11-20, I'll do Zulu, Swahili, Japanese, and Russian. Or something like that.


Actually, on second thought, leave me a comment with a language suggestion!


Also, you can suggest more than one chapter. There's no limit, so if you want more, just comment again with the Movella and chapter!

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