Love Struck

I like to call this bully a BB.

Hi my name is Skylar and my best friend is Anne Cipdo! This story is pretty rad even though there is not that many chapters -insert nervous laugh- yep


5. THIS STORY IS BACK ON BABEH :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/N Okay! I'm going to start updating this story as much as I can guys!! I finished Everything Gone Wrong and put Taken on hold for now. I'm probably going to make a sequel for Everything Gone Wrong but I will have to see. If you want a sequel please let me know somewhere in the comments ON THAT STORY. Thanks. Anywho, Taken is officially on hold FOR NOW. I will start updating that as soon as I get at least 6 more chapters on this story. You guys probably want another chapter right now so I guess I'll go make it! Bye .xx!! 

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