Love Struck

I like to call this bully a BB.

Hi my name is Skylar and my best friend is Anne Cipdo! This story is pretty rad even though there is not that many chapters -insert nervous laugh- yep


4. Please read! Thanks :)



Hey guys!! 

I know its been a really really long time since I updated but I've been pretty

busy lately with summer trips and everything, plus I haven't felt like it.

I'm trying to think of ideas so I can update this one hopefully 


Taken. I have no idea if you guys even like this one or Taken. But I know you guys

like 'Everything Gone Wrong'. It has over 200 reads, 10 likes, but only 4 comments.

No it may not seem like a big deal to you but its a big deal to me!

That was my very first movella/story/fanfiction that I have ever written!



I just hope  you guys are enjoying this even though it only has 3 chapters SO FAR!

But I'm going to go update Taken!! I also have plans to meet up with LucyStyles

I'm goig to see if she ca help me with my stories!!!


Have a great day peguins ! Bye! ♥♥

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