Love Struck

I like to call this bully a BB.

Hi my name is Skylar and my best friend is Anne Cipdo! This story is pretty rad even though there is not that many chapters -insert nervous laugh- yep


3. Chapter 3.


"Hey babe." Liam says as he walks up to me putting a arm around my shoulders and kissing my head.

"Hey Li." I say and he pulls my into a side hug.

"Did Harry do anything today? Like really serious? Did he hurt you again.? I swear to god if he did-

"No Liam. He didn't hurt me. He just slammed my locker shut and Anne slapped him, and might have sprayed a little perfume in his eyes.." I say the last part looking at the ground..

"She did what?" Liam half yells.

"Li, your gonna cause people to stare. Please quiet down babe.." I say in a bit of a whisper..

"Sorry. But she sprayed perfume in his eyes?!" Liam says quietly

"Ya.." I say lowly.

"Harry is going to do so many things to her. Some may not even be imaginable.." Liam says worriedly.

"I know. I'm scared babe. I'm really scared." I say hugging him tightly.

As the bell rings for 2nd period, Liam and I say goodbye and head to class. I don't need any books because the 2nd class I have is P.E. I fucking hate that class. Only because Harry is in it and not Anne..I get to class, walk into the locker rooms and change..I walk out of the locker rooms and I'm always the first one out because I am pretty used to changing really quick. Especially when I'm changing in front of people. I start doing some stretches and someone bumps into me

"Hey. Could you please watch where your going!" I ask turning around and seeing Harry

"Look. Your little 'friend' sprayed fucking perfume in my eyes. Now she is going to pay. By the time I'm done with her, you won't recognize her." He says pushing past me

"What the hell was that?" I ask under my breath

"Alright! Get to doing your warm ups!" Mrs. Berth yells

30 Min. Later....

Gym is almost over and Mrs. Berth calls me to her office.

"Hello Ms. Strop.. I know you have been 'bullied' for a while now, but I just wanted to-

"No. I'm not talking about it." I say sternly

"But Skylar. It's only going to get worse. Much worse. I just want to help you. Pleas let me-

"NO! I said I don't want to talk about it! What part of that don't you get!" I yell

"Skylar.. I'm sorry. Go back to the locker rooms and change. If you don't hurry you'll be late for class." She says grading some papers from her other classes.

"Sorry Mrs. Berth. I just- It's just, that topic is very sensitive to me and I feel uncomfortable talking about it.." I say walking towards her office door.

"It's alright deary. Not run along, you are going to be late for class." She smiles at me and I return one. 

I walk out of the office and walk to the locker room.

What is Harry going to do to Anne? Will he kill her? Rape her? Beat her til she can't walk? I have to talk to Liam about this. I don't need to lose Anne right now..I'm snapped out of my thoughts when I hear the locker room door open. I quickly slide on my shirt and get my pants half way up my thighs when I see Harry.

"What the fuck!? Harry get out! Your a fucking perv!" I yell

"Now now. Don't be like that. Just want to have a little fun." He says with a smirk on his face.

"No Harry. Fuck off. Just leave me alone." I say quickly sliding up my black skinny jeans and quickly buttoning them..He walks towards me and I'm stuck between him and the lockers. He puts his arms up so I'm trapped. Can't go anywhere..

"Harry. Go away." I say and place my hands on his chest to push him off me. I fail.


Mrs. Berth busts through the door and turns to Harry and I

"Mrs. Berth help." I look at her with watery eyes

"Harold Edward Styles! Get away from her!" She yells..

Harry backs away and walks out the door like nothing happened..

"Are you okay sweetie." She asks

"Yea. He didn't do anything, not yet anyways." I say.

I give her a hug and walk to class..

"Ms. Strop. Your late again?" Mr. Castro asks.

"Sorry. The teacher and I were talking." I say giving a weak smile.

"Alright then. Take your seat. We are working on our Biology papers again today.." He says returning to the board

What just happened? Wow..

I don't know if you guys don't like my stories or what. Because people haven't told me if I should update or not. I'm like so nervous..Please Like,comment, or favorite. :) Thanks..

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