Love Struck

I like to call this bully a BB.

Hi my name is Skylar and my best friend is Anne Cipdo! This story is pretty rad even though there is not that many chapters -insert nervous laugh- yep


2. Chapter 2.


"Or what?" He asks turning around

Anne just smirks and I take this opportunity to run. I run down the hall, our halls are pretty big, and when I get to the corner and turn around and stop dead in my tracks with my eyes wide open.

Anne's P.O.V

"This." I say before slapping him.. He stumbles backwards a bit and holds his cheek. He looks up and me and I can tell that he is so gonna kill me.. I look down the hall and see Skylar standing there with her eyes almost popping out of her head. I start running towards her. Is he chasing me? My inner voice asks. I look behind me and is almost confronted by a pissed off Harry.. I start getting closer to Skylar.. But then I trip over my own foot.. Wow.. Just wow.

"Shit" I swear under my breath..

Skylar's P.O.V

No.. Anne just tripped and Harry is right on her tail..Think..Think.. Next thing I know I see Harry fall on top of her. He straddles her and tries to punch her but instead he ends up being sprayed in the eyes with perfume.. Nice going Anne.. Harry falls off her and starts yelling that his eyes burn. Anne stands up and we both run to the bathroom.. To be honest, I feel kinda guilty for not making sure he was okay.. After the bell goes off and classes are dismissed Liam and I meet up. Let's just say that Liam doesn't bully me and we have become more than friends.. But Harold doesn't know..

Hey you cute penguins! Love it so far!? Cool! Here is our goal for the next chapter!

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