You were ten when you left Sydney, left everything behind. You left your best mate and hoping to forget about him. Maybe leaving was better after all, maybe not. But when you return five years later and he's YouTube famous with his best mates, will he remember the 'us' that used to be? Or will he shake you off and peruse with his music dreams.

Read Amnesia to find out.

Cover Made by; Michael's Kitten

© Cuddling with Niall
All rights Reserved.


16. Yo

Hey guys! So the power went out then it came back on so I'll update in a few haha. I hope you are all enjoying this book because I might do a sequel but I'm not sure what it'll be called.

But I hope you're all prepared for who the person getting Amnesia is because it'll happen in ten chapters. So be prepared and guess in the comments who you may think it is or who you want it to be.

I love you all

Akasia xx :)

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