You were ten when you left Sydney, left everything behind. You left your best mate and hoping to forget about him. Maybe leaving was better after all, maybe not. But when you return five years later and he's YouTube famous with his best mates, will he remember the 'us' that used to be? Or will he shake you off and peruse with his music dreams.

Read Amnesia to find out.

Cover Made by; Michael's Kitten

© Cuddling with Niall
All rights Reserved.


7. Chapter 5

Courtney's POV:

The bus stopped at the school and I waited for everyone to get off. I grabbed my backpack and crutched off the bus and to the doors. Luke and I planned to go to school here together and take all the classes together. Things change. I went to the front desk as the secretary looked up.

"I'm here to collect my classes and schedule" I said and she nodded

"Name?" She asked

"Courtney Winston" I said and she nodded typing away as she printed two things.

"You are in Homeroom Eleven Forty-Two. That is straight down that hallway, take a left, keep going straight until you get to the fourth door on your left." She said and I nodded following her instructions. She handed me a locker and I put my stuff in taking my bag filled with my first and second period books as I walked to the Homeroom. When I entered I saw Luke and his friends plus his girlfriend. But Ashton wasn't in here.

Calum spotted me smiling coming over to help me.

"I think you need help" he laughed and I nodded

"Mentally and physically" I mumbled and he nodded walking me over to a desk in front if his. Luke took a glance at me and rolled his eyes.

"Luke if you're going to be rude to me I suggest you do it at home and not at school" I snapped causing all eyes to look at us. I got out my phone and looking at the time I sighed

"In guessing she thought you two would date" Aleisha says rudely as I look at her.

"At least I don't look like a fucking clown with all that makeup" I said as harsh as her mouth went open and eyes wide as Calum and Michael laughed.

"Excuse me?" She asked

"Are you deaf too?" I asked and she stormed out if the room and me smiling in victory.

"What the hell Courtney?" Luke asked

"She started it. I just finished it" I said as Michael and Calum continued laughing.

"Why do you have to be such a fucking bitch!? I'm glad you moved away and you should have stayed there! Your dad probably got tired of you so he made you leave!" Luke yelled and I looked at him. He realized what he just said and a look of regret took over his face.

"If that's how you really feel than fine. I wish anorexia killed me so I don't have to see you anymore" I yelled as tears fell and not bothered to use my crutches I ran away. Man did it hurt but I just ran.

Have to purge have to purge have to purge. I said to myself over and over until I arrived at the girls washroom closing the stall and sticking my fingers down my throat as my vile came up. I went again and again until I was tired of it. I collapsed on the floor as all my tears fell out.

"Why me?" I asked as I heard footsteps and them entering the washroom.

"Courtney?" I heard Calum as he opened the stall I sat at. "Fuck! You didn't please tell me you didn't" he said then looked at the toilet and went pale.

"I'm sorry" I whispered as he picked me up.

"Your light as fuck" he said. "We need to get you to the nurse."

"I'm sorry" I said as I went limp.

"No were sorry" he said as he took me to the nurses office as Luke ran and saw me limp. His face went pale and he shook his head.

"You should have left me Cal" I said as he had a few tears fall.

"Why?" He asked

"Cause everyone wants me dead" I said and that's what caused gasps to be heard and tears to fall as Calum sniffled.

"I don't want you dead" he whispered

"Don't lie to yourself" I said as he placed me on the bed.

"Were calling your mum" Calum said and I shook my head

"No. I want my dad please I want my dad! I want to go home please don't make me stay please!" I cried as I started to hit things as Calum held me down.

"Courtney stop it" he said softly as I did and my tears fell.

"I relapsed" I whispered and he nodded

"You'll be fine" he said and I shook my head

"They said I wouldn't relapse" I said as my eyes went wide.

It felt like hours we were in the nurses office until my mum entered. She looked down at my fragile body and I saw a tear leave her eye. Calum kept holding my hand and it was comforting. Luke would always be by my side but not today or ever.

"How's her foot?" My mum asked Calum

"Sore but she ran on it" he sighed and my mum nodded

"I'm sorry mum" I said as I wiped my tears and she nodded

"It's not your fault baby. Liz drive me here" she said and I nodded as I saw Liz enter and gasp.

"Oh my god" she said and I smiled weakly.

"Don't send me back to the clinic" I pleaded and my mum sighed

"I have to if you ever relapsed baby" my mum said rubbing circles on my tiny thighs.

"You beat this before. You can do it again" Calum said and I nodded.

"I could try" I said and my mum rose a brow

"What do you mean try?" She asked

"Luke wants me dead" I whispered as Liz looked mad as she got up and left the room. A few moments later she entered pulling Luke by the ear.

"Look at what you caused! You're too busy being mad at her to care! She did this so she could meet up to your damn expectations again! What the hell has gotten into you for the past seven years Lucas?" Liz yelled as Luke looked at me then away.

"Liz it's fine. He's right, my dad probably hated me so much he forced me to come back to Australia. I'm a bitch and I'm sorry because Luke is right" I said standing up. "I should have stayed in Canada because I don't even know who my real friends are anymore." I said as Luke looked at me.

"Courtney" Luke sighed.

"What?" I asked looking at him. "Your girlfriend is rude to me so I have a reason to be rude to her. It's simple math." I said walking out.

"Courtney just listen!" Luke yelled as I turned around. "I missed you so much I became a jerk. You took a part of me with you and left me empty so I met them and got into a relationship. I miss our friendship." He said and I looked at him dead in the eyes.

"If you missed me so much you wouldn't have put me through hell." I said walking to my mums car as she drove us home.

"You're taking online classes instead" she said breaking the silence and I nodded. "I thought we stopped with the purging" my mum sighed

"I had to I'm sorry" I said and she nodded

"I know" she replied as we parked

I miss my old life.

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