You were ten when you left Sydney, left everything behind. You left your best mate and hoping to forget about him. Maybe leaving was better after all, maybe not. But when you return five years later and he's YouTube famous with his best mates, will he remember the 'us' that used to be? Or will he shake you off and peruse with his music dreams.

Read Amnesia to find out.

Cover Made by; Michael's Kitten

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17. Chapter 14

Courtney's POV:

Calum decided to capture this moment by taking a photo of us two in the rain on his iPhone. When he did he pecked my cheek and took quite a few.

"Let's get you home" he whispered pecking my lips as we started for the car. He got in and unlocked it as did I. He turned the heat up and I looked at him.

"Why don't we stay at your house? It's late and I don't want you driving because you're tired" I said and he looked to me and nodded grabbing his duffle bag as we started for the front door.

We both entered as we walked up the stairs quietly and to his room. It was basic with the beige walls and white carpet. He had a queen size bed in the middle against the wall. He had a flat screen hanging on his wall along with posters of soccer players.

"Sorry it's a bit messy" he said and I shook my head.

"No it's not" I answered as he tossed me a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt. He turned around while I changed and I did the same for him. I put my hair into a high ponytail and sat on his bed. "You play soccer?" I asked

"Yeah I do. I'm going to Brazil in a couple months to play then I'll be back in two months" he answered smiling.

"You love soccer?" I asked

"Absolutely love it. But I don't know. I love playing in the band also and I'm at crossroads" he answered as he pulled me down to lay with him.

"Do what you l want, not what others want you to do. Go with your heart" I answered looking up at him as he nodded.

"That's the other thing I love about you" he mumbled into my hair as he cuddled into me with his one leg over my legs pulling me closer into him.

"And what's that?" I asked

"You care about other people more than you care about yourself. You put others first and that's amazing" he said and I smiled

"I was raised that way. What else do you love about me?" I asked

"I love how you bite your nails for no reason and your eyes twinkle at the thought of something you love. You put others before you. I love how you don't love yourself that much and I want to show you how much you should love yourself. I love how you get excited about trampolines and gymnastics. How when we eat ice cream you always put on criminal minds no matter the situation. I love your dyed brown hair and dazzling blue eyes. I love your curves and imperfections. I just love you" he said as my heart fluttered.

"I love you too" I answered

"What do you love about me?" He asked with his eyes closed.

"There's so much and I'll suck at this" I laughed. "I love how whenever you laugh or smile, there are crinkles by your eyes no matter what. I love how you think you're so tough but in reality your as gentle as a baby lab. I love your brown eyes that sparkle in the moonlight and whenever someone mentions soccer or your love if music. I love your voice and whenever you slap the bass. I love how you are such a nerd but won't admit it. I love how you're there for others when you should be there for yourself. I love that you can stand up for anyone when they don't need it. I love your personality and I just really love you." I said and he smiled and pecked my forehead

"I love you" he mumbled before I heard snores

"I love you too" I answered before falling asleep.


Short chapter because I want to sleep now!

And holy frick so much love going on in this one.

What should their ship name be? I can't think if one so nvm.

There is going to be so much drama in the next few chapters then some love going on in the next and maybe more drama after that! And then the huge amnesia thing!

Akasia xx

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