You were ten when you left Sydney, left everything behind. You left your best mate and hoping to forget about him. Maybe leaving was better after all, maybe not. But when you return five years later and he's YouTube famous with his best mates, will he remember the 'us' that used to be? Or will he shake you off and peruse with his music dreams.

Read Amnesia to find out.

Cover Made by; Michael's Kitten

© Cuddling with Niall
All rights Reserved.


14. Chapter 12

Courtney's POV:

My mum had Calum stay for supper but we had to set the table.

"So what's for supper?" He asked smiling at me.

"Mum made lasagna" I answered chuckling

"Oh my god I love her already" Calum moaned as I laughed at him as he did a little dance.

"I'm coming to your house tomorrow then" I laughed

"Fine with me. Mum always works so it's just us" Calum said in monotone.

"Calum. Do you have a strong relationship with your mum?" I asked as he looked to me.

"Yeah I do. She's busy running Mali around because she wrecked her car. So dad is always away on business while mum works. I have a relationship with my sister but still" he shrugged.

"I'd love to meet your family" I said smiling as he looked at me surprised

"Seriously?" He asked

"Yeah" I replied

"My last girlfriend didn't want to" he laughed

"But I want to meet you people" I said as Calum laughed. God his laugh is cute. Calum is just fucking cute.

"Well I will. I'll talk to them and see when is the right time" he smiled. "I want to meet your dad. How far away does he live?" Calum asked as my smile faltered.

"Canada. Toronto. He always worked so I spent all my time at gymnastics and competing. I was offered to try for the Olympic team but I wanted to come home" I shrugged as Calum walked to me shaking my shoulders

"Are you dumb?!" He exclaimed as I looked at him weirdly.

"What?" I asked

"OLYMPIC TEAM? Holy shit Courts! That is amazing!" He exclaimed as I nodded.

"Yeah but I wanted to come home." I answered

"It's the fucking Olympics!" He yelled as I nodded

"Can I finish my story?" I laughed

"Okay" he breathed bouncing up and down.

"They said they'll talk to the school here and see if I can try out for the Australian team" I finished as he screamed. I laughed

"Are you going to?" He asked

"Well duh" I answered. "I have to tell my mum" I laughed

"She heard you" Calum smirked.

"What?" I asked confused.

"I heard you" I heard my mum as I turned around. "You should go through with it. I'll call the gymnastics school and get you in a home school program." My mum said as I smiled running and hugging her.

"That is amazing! Thank you mum" I said and she chuckled.

"I'll go make the call" she laughed walking out as I squealed jumping into Calums arms.

Supper was amazing as we talked and laughed. My mum is very find of Calum and would love to meet his mum sometime.

"Calum, would you like to stay the night?" My mum asked and I rose my brow. My mum looked at me and realized. "I trust him and you" she laughed and I nodded.

"We should run to his place to get his stuff though" I said and she nodded as Calum grabbed my hand and ran out to his car. He got in and started it. He started driving towards his house when I heard light music. I turned it up and smiled.

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby. Listen to iron maiden maybe with me. Whoa oh oh oh" I sang along to the harmonies on the cd.

"This is our band" Calum smiled and I nodded.

"I know." I laughed and he looked to me as I saw a car come towards us. "Calum!" I yelled and he looked backing all the way up quickly and turning his wheel so the car was away from us. Calum parked off into a parking lot as I tried to steady my breathing as a few tears fell out.

"Oh my god" he said leaning his head on the steering wheel. "Are you okay? I was in my own lane" he said shakily as I looked to him and crawled onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"We almost got killed" I mumbled and he nodded

"I know. Thank god you told me" he laughed a bit and I nodded. I saw someone tapping and I unrolled the window a bit.

"Yes?" I asked

"Are you kids alright? You almost got killed by that semi" he said and I held my mouth. I looked to Calum.

"A fucking semi" I squeaked and he nodded.

"Yeah just startled" he slightly laughed and the guy outside nodded.

"Have a good night" he said walking away. I got into my seat and put my seatbelt on. Calum made his way home and parked in the driveway behind a red car.

"My mums home" he said as he held my hand walking in his house. "I'll be right back" he said pecking my lips and running up the stairs.

I looked at all the photos on the wall.

"Calum?" I heard a women as she ran out of the kitchen in an apron. She looked at me and saw Calum run down the stairs.

"Hi mum" Calum said pecking her lips.

"Where are you going? It's movie night!" His mum exclaimed.

"Is the whole family home?" He asked

"Yes, your father is on his way. Introduce me to this beautiful young lady." She said smiling at me as I smiled at her.

"Mum this is Courtney. She lives beside Luke. Courtney this is my mum" Calum said smiling that he could finally introduce a girl to his mum.

"Hello Mrs. Hood" I said as she hugged me.

"Call me Joy" she said and I nodded smiling.

"What's the commotion?" I heard a younger girl as she walked in and noticed me. "Hi I'm Mali" she said sticking her hand out.

"Courtney" I replied smiling and she nodded.

"Calum did good finally" she smirked as joy hit her on the arm.

"Mali Koa" she sternly scolded as I blushed and so did Calum.

"I should text my mum and tell her I'm here" I said texting my mum as she replied he safe and the gymnastics school will see me at noon tomorrow.

"So Courtney tell us about yourself" joy said as we all sat on the couch Calum holding my hand.

"My full name is Courtney Leigh Winston. I was born and raised here in Sydney. My parents got divorced when I was two and I moved to Canada to live with my dad when I was eight. My mum full Australian while my dad is Australian, Canadian, German, and polish." I said smiling as joy handed me a cup of tea.

"Any friends?" Mali asked

"I've known Luke since I was born since he's a couple months older than me." I said

"Any sports?" She asked

"Gymnastics. I'm going back to gymnastics school here so I could train for the Olympics" I said as they looked at me surprised. "What?" I asked

"Olympics?" They exclaimed as Calum smiled cheekily.

"Yeah" I laughed

And this is how the whole night went until his dad showed up.

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