Un Settled Morans

A Group of male and female trying to have fun.


1. Names



Breathing in !

Breathing out !

 Breathing in !

Breathing out !




You know they say

Stress is the number one dis tractor of happiness
        it is told it is best to breath funny coincidence is that my name means breath ..or in   Hebrew you can call me Hevel or you can call me Abel in English

but hey i prefer Hevel
  .. i am an Art student  currently studying at this weird college don't really wanna mention it's name really

  it kinda sucks now that  ,i have to work on some portraits and all
   i suck at portraits , I already wasted a lot of Canvas
 i scrap one piece paper fold it and aimed at the bin...
 Dang it ! i say 

as i miss
       by an inch :( 

Don't you laugh at me


any ways

      ...i scroll my Office Chair  to point toward the desk 

that was behind me
         My laptop Laid on top of it
        i unfold it as got on the internet browser
     and logged my self on facebook  to look through at any recent messages 
        "Just never mind never mind " I said  as i closed my laptop 
      "I guess i will always be a poor old lonely boy obsessed with his old ex Girl friend"
       jumps straight on my bed ... pulls a pillow below my neck gently
      and started dozing off a bit.. started staring at the empty white walls 
     of my room 

as i conciously started to fall a sleep

Sigh !
              but hey that was only my part of story
    ........ Hevel ....END
 BEGIN   .......... Jeral...
           Drums were heating and Beats were hitting up harder and harder

 i was holding my Jes right besides me ...a cigar on my other hand, as i called her name " Jes" gently  i  held my hand on her chin 
 and tried to kiss her .. but some how she was a bit hesitant as she said

"Ugh i am tired of this" 
as she pushes me away
        " Jes, I don't understand"  i asked ..

"Well i am sorry honey but i think we should"

oh shit was about to get serious all right 
 "Oh ! Jes Don't start with me " i yelled in frustration

 , She raised her eye brows at me

"Ugh ! What ever I am hanging out with Tom now"  

the words she uttered despised me Tom is my best friend .. and he is just right besides me  

"I am sorry Jeral but she is with me" he said 
 as he pulled her right besides him ..oh this night party was about to be ruined
 "Tom how can you do this to me after all we have been through"  i said

  "Leave her alone bro she doesn't want you" he said
    i throw a punch with anger but tom dodged it by tilting his neck 

next thing i knew it was dark

and i got here

  "Oh hey there are you all right "  a voice i heard as i opened up my eyes
     I see a beautiful nurse ..holding my head lightly 
 "What happened" i asked
  "you were knocked unconscious"  she uttered
 "What " i asked

"you still need to relax don't waver stay still" she said 
 as i obeyed

 ...........  Georgina.....
Hey Georgina don't play around to much in college..i could still recite my mother's words as i was  carrying my bags trying to find my dorm in this big campus...

A Taxi passes by me ,I see a guy on dreadlocks  ,

i stare at him for a while but he responded at me with a middle finger.
    "Welcome to Leaves campus" a guy spoke as he offered a hand for help
          and i accepted as he aided
 "These are pretty heavy aren't they " he said
 "Tell me about it , i have been carrying these from all the way to Los Angels"
 i said 
"Oh Really " he smiled 
"Yeah " as we continued to carry on to the stairs
"Do you always do this" i asked the young gentle men

"Nah ! not really "  he said as he scratched off his hair a bit 
"I guess we are done here" I said as i tucked some of my hair that was about to escape  we had already reached my dorm at this time

"Uhm heyy" he spoke , as i stared at him he kinda started to act weird he looked at me Imtensly up and down

"So thank you very much i really mean it ,i don't know how to repay you" i said

with an open honesty

but little did i know


"Well you know you can always repay me by doing this" As he touched my upper chest i threw in a slap  that was heading at his face  but he caught it , he pushed  me off

i fell onto a bed near by
 "Really you are going to rape her really"

a girl's voice had spoken

it looked like she just came out of jogging

a towel covered her elbow
  before i knew it he jumped off the bed and had left.
 i stayed there nodding my head in disbelieve
Was that what i thought it was"

i asked
Word for advise

"Be Care full And"

 "Welcome to Leaves"  she said to me


.....Jonna and Jeane...
We just got out of the plane

and were about to be scanned by this Air port  Security guard
 " Please raise your hands for me Sir"  he said as obeyed  

he checked me from up till down 

"Okay go "

he said

as i passes through

i folded my arms as i awaited for Jeane . "Oh ! Fraternal over here" the security guard spoke in excitement  as he scanned Jeane

"Go" he said as she was cleared

  finally we had known we have arrived to New port City.

          "This was such a long flight " i spoke

as i held my heavy head

 "I Know right " Jeane replied

as she applied her make up on.

 " Ah yeah" this time  we were out side of the air port building .  

 "Ah !Jonna is that Lucy" she asked  

"Let's go that's her" i answered
 "Jonna Jeane" Lucy said as she hugged us 
" Oh my god it has been what now four or five years ? "   
"It has been four Lucy and we are sorry you know school" I said
"Any ways  ,Any ways forget it this year me you Jeane we gonna have so much fun at

Leaves Academy

Oh my god"

she said out loud laughing with excitements 
" I know right let's turn it up" Jeane said
I stared at Lucy "Uhm uh so are heading to campus on foot or what"
" Oh no don't worry about that i have a pick up parked there" 

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