My bully hates me.

Justin: “Were the fuck is that bitch?” Emily: “I think I found her” I looked around and then I saw her sitting all alone. This is going to be a good day for her Maybe.. Demi: “Guys why don’t we get a sandwich come let’s go” Justin: “No, come on Demi” We walked over to Cindy, she notices us and she tried to run away. I grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall. She looked really scared that’s how I like it. I pushed her to the floor while Emily and Sarah were beating her. She started to scream and all the other students just walked away, they didn’t do anything because they know who I am. Then Cindy looked at Demi and started to scream her name. Demi didn’t do anything. Good girl.
Did I Just?


4. 3. I didn’t mean to say it out loud

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Cindys P.O.V

Cindy: "Hey dad can you drive Carly and I to Kelsey's house?"

Jason (Cindy's dad): no

Carly: "why dad come on pleas"

Jason: "no it's an hour away from our house"

Cindy: "come on dad pleas"

Jason: "alright then"

Cindy: "thanks dad you're the best" I kissed he's cheek and that was my last.

In the car

Jason: "so Carly do have a boy on your mind?"

I hated when he asked about that!

Cindy: "no"

Carly: "yes she do she thinks shat a guy named Justin is cute"

Cindy: "no she's lying"

She was lying because I hate that guy!

Carly: "I'm not lying"

Jason: "are Jaxon and Justin brothers?"

Omg why is he talking about Jaxon in front of Carly he's dead.

Carly: "i don't want to talk about it"

Jason: "Carly I'm-"

Carly: "dad it's okay!"

I was sitting on the front seat while Carly was in the passenger seat. We were driving in the highway so my dad was driving really fast.

I saw a truck in front of us he was driving really fast too.

My dad looked nervous there was something wrong.

Cindy: "dad what is happe-"

It happened so fast I was alive I was still sitting on the front seat and my dad and Carly wasn't there? I looked around and then I realized there were so much blood all over my body and face.

Cindy: "dad, Carly"

I saw no one I tried to walk out of the car and I did. But I fell on the ground; I saw the ambulance and the cops standing there.

Doctor: "hey there is one a life"

What? Where are Carly and my dad? The doctor took me in to the ambulance car (don’t know the name:P)

Cindy: "where is my dad and Carly"

Doctor: "I'm so sorry"

End of flashback

Mrs Colton: "CINDY why the hell are you sleeping in my class?"

Cindy: "sorry I-"

Mrs colton: "go out now!"

I walked out and sat on the ground I saw Justin walking down the hallways with I girl. I couldn't see who it was.

Wait is that Demi walking with Justin? No they didn't did they just kiss?

I walked over to her.

Cindy: "what the fuck are you doing Demi are you out of your mind or something like that"

Justin: "ey bitch"

Demi: "no let her talk Justin"

Justin just started to look at me.

Cindy: "how can you be with that guy? He is a bully he's not good for you."

The bell rang and all the other students were just standing there watching us.

Justin: "Cindy just because where not friends doesn't mean that me and Demi can't be together"

Cindy: "Justin you just make my life worse than it already is!"

Justin: "so?"

Cindy: "just because you're brother died doesn't give you the right to make my life miserable IT'S NOT MY FUCKING FULT"

Ups I forgot that Demi and the whole school were standing there. Oh fuck run away Cindy Now.

I was just about to run when he pushed me to the floor. He started to beat me up. There was blood coming down my nose.

Then a boy yelled something.

It was Ryan.

Ryan: "Justin relax man"

Justin: "NO NO NO"


All the students walked away Ryan and Demi tried to push Justin away.

Great now she wants to help.

Cindy: "pleas Justin stop"

Ryan was holding Justin so he could calm down. Demi tried to help me up.

Cindy: "don't touch me"

This was the last class we had so I walked home. If my brother finds out what Justin did he will seriously kill him.

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