My bully hates me.

Justin: “Were the fuck is that bitch?” Emily: “I think I found her” I looked around and then I saw her sitting all alone. This is going to be a good day for her Maybe.. Demi: “Guys why don’t we get a sandwich come let’s go” Justin: “No, come on Demi” We walked over to Cindy, she notices us and she tried to run away. I grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall. She looked really scared that’s how I like it. I pushed her to the floor while Emily and Sarah were beating her. She started to scream and all the other students just walked away, they didn’t do anything because they know who I am. Then Cindy looked at Demi and started to scream her name. Demi didn’t do anything. Good girl.
Did I Just?


25. 23. part 2 *NEW*


Cindy's POV:

"Please Cindy come with me, let us just go out for a walk okay?" she helped me up, I was really pissed right now! I pulled a sweater over my dress. Demi always find a way to cheer me up, we walked down to the beach.

I heard a guitar, but I don't know where from. "Cindy, just wait here" Demi ran away from me, it was scary cause it was dark. There was a light coming closer and closer, I saw Justin. I was angry at him but the same time happy to see him??

"Sorry, I needed time to get everything perfect" he laughed, "and u look so damn beautiful" he kissed me on the cheek.

*i blushed* he was looking really good, he was wearing some jeans and a white shirt - black jacket/blazer. he held my hand and we walked down to the beach.

I saw a table with lights and stuff, "we are here" Justin took a blanket and laid it on the sand. "Do u like spaghetti with meat ball ??" He asked me, it was my fav! "OMG yeah! It's my fav".

Justin: I made it self

Me: i didn't know u could cook?

Justin: there is many thing u don't know.

We sat down, and started to eat. We where done, Justin took his guitar, he played Ariana Grande's song The Way. I just couldn't stop myself, I just needed to sing!

Me: I got a bad boy, I must admit it (hey)

You got my heart, don’t know how you did it (hey)

And I don’t care who sees it, babe

I don’t wanna hide the way I feel when you're next to me (hey)

Justin stopped, "was I so bad" I kinda looked away. "No! Fuck your voice is just! I just love girls who can sing!" He smiled. I couldn't help it, but I blushed. "I really want u too hear my first song I wrote" he started to sing:

Just a fraction of your love fills the air

And I fall in love with you

All over again, oh

You're the light that feeds the sun

In my world

I'd face a thousand years of pain for my girl

Out of all the things in life that i could fear

The only thing that would hurt me, uh

Is if you weren't here, oh

I don't wanna go back to just being one half of the equation

Do you understand what I'm sayin'?

Girl, without you I'm lost

Can't fix this compass at heart

Between me and love,

You're the common denominator

Oh, oh , oh, oh

Common denominator

Oh, yeah, whoa

Before your love was low

Playing girls was my high

You changed the game

Now I put my card to the side, ay

When broken hearts rise up to say, "Love is a lie"

You and I would stand to be love's reply, yeah

Out of all things in life that I could fear, yeah

The only thing that would hurt me is if you weren't here, whoa

I can't imagine life without your touch,

And every kiss that you give,

You fill me up

And through all the heart achin'

Jealous females hatin'

I'm gonna hold it down for you

You, whoa, oh, whoa

You're the common denominator

Oh yeah whoa

I don't wanna to go back...

Just a fraction of your love fills the air

And I fall in love with you all over again, yeah

Me: OMG this song is so beautiful

Justin's POV:

Cindy: OMG this song is so beautiful

Me: not as beautiful as u

Cindy: stop it, u said that was the first song u ever wrote?

Me: yep

Cindy: that's a lucky girl

Me: u know that girl is in front me

Cindy: is it about me?

Me: I was in love with u when we were kids

Cindy: ooh *I saw the disappointment in her eyes, I said 'was'*

I lifted her chin up, "and my feelings for you is still there". Her eyes started to light up, "so Cindy, it would be an honor if I could call U my girlfriend" I asked.


OMG Justin asked her😎

What do u think.

Short chapter I know :/

So sorry that I couldn't update! I have been so busy with school and cheer, if u guys didn't know I got on my teams lvl 5 coed! So I have been so busy, and I train like 4-5 times a week :/ and I have like School til 4 pm everyday and homework to do.

But I'll try to update as fast, as I can.

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