My bully hates me.

Justin: “Were the fuck is that bitch?” Emily: “I think I found her” I looked around and then I saw her sitting all alone. This is going to be a good day for her Maybe.. Demi: “Guys why don’t we get a sandwich come let’s go” Justin: “No, come on Demi” We walked over to Cindy, she notices us and she tried to run away. I grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall. She looked really scared that’s how I like it. I pushed her to the floor while Emily and Sarah were beating her. She started to scream and all the other students just walked away, they didn’t do anything because they know who I am. Then Cindy looked at Demi and started to scream her name. Demi didn’t do anything. Good girl.
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Justin's POV:

I looked at Cindy. Her face was emotionless, only one tear slipped down. "Cindy" I tried to slowly shake her, cause she just sat there frozen. "NO" She screamed suddenly, she couldn't hold her tears anymore, she ran out - and I ran after her. All the students looked at us, "WHAT ARE U LOOKING AT" I yelled. Everyone turned their heads, and looked away. I got to the parking lot where Cindy was, crying her ass of. My gang followed me, Emily walked over to her with Demi.

Emily: Why are u crying u little slut?


I can't believe this, her best friend? What is wrong with Demi, I know I hate Demi, no not Demi I mean Cindy - Demi was the one who took care of her, that was the Demi I liked. She didn't cared about what we thought about Cindy, she helped her no matter who it was. That was the Demi I fell in love with.

Cindy: Please go away ( her voice.. U could her she was broken)

Emily: Now u aren't a big mouth

Cindy walked over to her and slapped her so hard she could, so she fell to the ground. Demi walked over to Cindy, and slapped her. Cindy stood there shocked, do did I and Ryan. She pushed Cindy so she fell, and kicked her in the stomach, I saw the pain in Cindy's eyes.

Cindy: What's wrong with u!!?

She cried out, that reminded me we don't have time for this.

Demi: U FUCKING SLUT, just die

My eyes almost popped out, I know I said to Cindy she should die. but It's coming from her best friends mouth, idk how far Cindy will go this time.

Me: C'mon Cindy, we don't have time !!!

Demi looked at me pissed, she didn't know what's going on. I couldn't explain because we don't have time for it. And I don't think she needs a explanation.

Cindy's POV:

All the thoughts went thew my head, MY MOM!! IS SHE DEAD! Was the first thing. I couldn't take it, I needed to see her!! I ran out of the office, I got to the parking lot - all my tears ran down.

Emily: Why are u crying u little slut?


My so called best friend can see I am in pain, and now she is calling me a bitch? I guess I just only got Shawn, and I need him now. But he's not here.

Me: Please go away ( I almost couldn't speak)

Emily: Now u aren't a big mouth

Now I was pissed! I walked over to her and slapped her so hard so she fell. Demi walked over and slapped me, my best friend just slapped me. She pushed me so I fell and she kicked me in the stomach. She kicked me in the stomach!! I couldn't breathe for a sec, I cried she has no idea how bad it hurts, why me my mom is almost dying! My best friend is against me suddenly. My boyfriend isn't here to help me!!? Who do I have!?

Cindy: What's wrong with u!!? ( I tried not to cry, but it hurts from all the time where Justin kicked me in the stomach)

Demi: U FUCKING SLUT, just die

My best friend just told me to die, the one I never thought who would say that. I guess everyone wish me dead, so I should be the one who died in the car accident - not my dad or sister. ME!! My senior year, is a hell.

We ran over to Justin's car, and suddenly he couldn't start the car. Piss fucking shit, we walked out of the car. Ryan walked over "Take my car" he gave Justin the keys, I can't believe I'am doing this but I hugged Ryan "thank you". We got over to the car, Justin got in the driver seat - and I got in the back seat. "Wait Justin" I opened the window, and called after Ryan. "Please come with us" Idk why I asked but yeah, he got in and sat right next to me. Ryan is okay, he always tell Justin to stop - if he is going out of the line. But I still hate him for helping Justin a little bit. And my mom know him. Justin drove to the hospital, I just don't like the hospital! Is just dead or alive. We were almost there, my stomach hurts really bad. Now I didn't care about if they see my fat stomach, but I needed to check. I pulled my sweater up to the middle of my stomach, I saw a big blue/purple bruising on my stomach. "Oh gawd" I heard Ryan say, I guess he saw it. "Did Demi, really kick u that hard?" Ryan asked. I just nodded, and the tears started. "How hard, did she kick u?" Justin asked, I couldn't talk right now. Cuz it hurts when I do, "she have a big blue/ purple bruise on her stomach" Ryan answered, "Let me see, if it's okay with u" Justin looked at me, I wasn't uncomfortable with it. I pulled my sweater up, his reaction was the same as Ryan. "We need to get ice on it, and we are here" Justin walked out of the car, I ran out and ran into the hospital.

I walked up to the desk, Justin handed me a ice bag to my stomach. "Thank u" I whispered and hugged him. Pattie ran over to me! "honey omg!" She cried and so did I. Where is she, Pattie pointed at the room. "Before u go in there, your mom is in a bad condition. They don't know if she will come back or die. She's in coma right now" She cried.

I didn't know what I should do without her!! I can't lose my mom! I already lost My dad and Sister!! If she dies I only got a brother back! I ran into my moms room, I saw my brother crying and holding my moms hand. "Cindy" I looked up, he ran over to me and hugged me. We walked over to my mom. And I started to cry like crazy. "Mom please don't leave us, please don't leave me! I need u! MOOM!" I cried and cried. "We need u! I can't lose u! I already lost my dad! I can't lose u too! Then I don't have any parents!" I started to shake her hand. Justin and Ryan walked into the room, they walked over too us.

A man walked into the room, He looked familiar? He looked at me with a smirk, and suddenly I could recognize him! My uncle! I started to freak out, my brother noticed me. He looked and saw him, he quickly stood up and walked over too him. I didn't feel comfortable, he was looking at me. I quickly stood up, I didn't know what I should do.

Justin's POV:

Me and Ryan walked into mrs. Forbes room. Derek and Cindy, was crying and crying. I felt so sorry for them. Me and Ryan walked over too them, and man walked in.

Who the fuck is he!? I looked at Cindy, she looked like she saw a ghost. The man smirked at her?

Her brother looked and he quickly stood up. The man kept starring at Cindy, I could tell she didn't feel comfortable. She stood up quickly, the man checked her out from head to toe. Pedophile just saying, Cindy was scared she didn't know what to do.

"Stay away from me" she screamed, me and Ryan pushed her behind us. We didn't know what's going on, but we assumed that it was the best thing to do.

We care about her, Problem!?

"What did my mom tell u, didn't she tell u to stay away from our Family" Derek started to speak, "I'm still her brother, And she's dying" he smiled this way.

What did Cindy's Uncle do?! "She don't want anything to do with u! Since u started to beat her daughter up, and tried to rape her" Me and Ryan was shocked! Her uncle tried to rape her!? II felt guilt so did Ryan, we bullied her - we called her a slut while she's afraid of being raped by her uncle. "Get out! Now!" Derek yelled, "u know if your mom dies, u two have to live with me" his uncle is really getting on my nerves. "She's 18 and I'm 20, that means we are adults. So no, now get out" he yelled. "Cindy I'm coming for ya" The creep smiled to her. "U are not going to touch her" I spat! Her uncle just smirked and walked out, I got worried. *Beeb* we heard the heart monitor, *Beeeb*, *Beb*. *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...* the line went straight. "CALL DOCTOR" we yelled, they all came in! And told us to walk out! We needed to, and Cindy wasn't going to. Her brother lifted her up, and carried her out.

My mom ran over to her crying, "Sweetie shhhh" my mom tried to calm her down. I felt so sorry for her, Ryan wanted to talk to me. "Her life is a mess! I feel so sorry for her, she's actually a really nice person. And really beautiful! And not fat at all, like in car when I saw her stomach, it was flat and not fat. Sorry Justin can't be on your side anymore" Ryan walked back to them, and he's right! I told Ryan about Cindy's break down, and how she was the one who survived the car accident. Since then, he have been totally quite. But I can't continue to bully her.

The doctor came out, "Sorry we couldn't bring her back" he looked at Us all

Cindy's POV:

Justin and Ryan pushed me behind them, do they care about me!?

I was in my mind for some mins, suddenly I woke up again. "She don't want anything to do with u! Since u started to beat her daughter up, and tried to rape her" my brother said angrily.

That's my darkest secret, I never told anyone. I am really ashamed about it! I hope Ryan and Justin won't tell anybody!

One day my mom brought us over to visit my uncle's house. He was the nice uncle, when my mom was there. She had something she has to do at work, so she left us at my uncle's house. She left the house and he started to act weird. I was 15 there, and my brother was 17. I was going upstairs, and my uncle grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his room. He pushed me on his bed, he started to kiss my neck. He slowly kissed down, I screamed! But he slapped me so hard that I got a bruise. He tried to take my clothes of, but I didn't let him. He started to beat me, he ripped my shirt off. I was only in a bra, he started to unlock his belt - I screamed so my brother could hear it, he started to beat me again "SHUT UP U LITTLE SLUT". I got bruises on my arm and legs, he was going to take my pants off. When my brother came, he punched my uncle in the face - and pushed him so he fell. My brother carried me down stairs, he gave me his t-shirt. And we ran out of the house. That's all I remember from that day, and I can't get it out of my head! Every time Justin and his friends call me slut, I get reminded of this day. That's why it's hurts,

"Cindy I'm coming for ya" My uncle smiled to me, I was scared really scared, "U are not going to touch her" Justin spat, did he just defend me !? Ryan comforted me, and said I should calm down and not be scared - I like that side of them.

I don't like the hospital !! *Beeb* we heard the heart monitor, *Beeeb*, *Beb*. *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...* the line went straight. "CALL DOCTOR" we yelled, they all came in! THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!! "MOOOM" I YELLED!! The nurses and Doctors said we needed to go out! "NO !! PLEASE MOM COME BACK PLEASE!" I cried and cried.

My brother lifted me up and carried me out of the room. Pattie Came running, over to me!! I cried ! I couldn't stop crying. and so did she. "Sweetie shhh" she tried to calm me down

The doctor came out. "Sorry we couldn't bring her back" all my pain I felt right now! Is eating me up alive! I felt like I was going to get a heart attack, Pattie cried and cried. My brother cried, I can't believe it but Justin and Ryan did too. I ran into the room, I took my moms hand "MOOOM PLEASE COME BACK I NEED U MOOOM!! I NEED U!!" I cried into her hand, "Sorry ma'am, we need to cover her" the nurse gently removed my head from my moms hand! They covered her, I didn't know what to do.


"MOOOOOOM" I screamed, and my tears wouldn't stop. My brother came in crying "The time is over, u guys can't stay any longer" the nurse said. "Goodbye mom, I'm going to miss u. Take care of Carly and dad" I whispered, me and Derek walked out crying, Pattie hugged us.

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