My bully hates me.

Justin: “Were the fuck is that bitch?” Emily: “I think I found her” I looked around and then I saw her sitting all alone. This is going to be a good day for her Maybe.. Demi: “Guys why don’t we get a sandwich come let’s go” Justin: “No, come on Demi” We walked over to Cindy, she notices us and she tried to run away. I grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall. She looked really scared that’s how I like it. I pushed her to the floor while Emily and Sarah were beating her. She started to scream and all the other students just walked away, they didn’t do anything because they know who I am. Then Cindy looked at Demi and started to scream her name. Demi didn’t do anything. Good girl.
Did I Just?


12. 11. They made me too the bitch I am today



Two weeks have passed by. I know this sounds weird but I skipped school in two weeks. I told my mom that I was going to school, but honestly I didn’t.



I walked down stairs

Cindy: What is it?

Payton: What is it? really Cindy?

Cindy: What?

 (oh no this can’t be good.


Peyton: why the hell are you skipping school? Are you a fucking idiot or something

this is the first time I’ve seen my mom so mad

Cindy: Mom I-

Peyton: I don’t want to hear it go!

Peyton: And Cindy you have to go to school tomorrow

Cindy: okay

I hate my fucking life okay. I don’t want to see the fucking idiots at my school. But now I have too.

 Demi was supporting me. I’m so grateful for having her in my life.

I sat on my bed with my dairy.



Dear dairy

After what happened that day at school I was so afraid. I was just sitting there in my underwear with a towel on. I can’t believe that all the students know about what I did to my wrist. But in these two weeks I have changed. I really want to give them revenge for what they did to me. I’m so angry. After all what they did too me I want to give them back, so they can feel how it is to be small. This really doesn’t sounds like me, but they changed me. I’m a fucking bitch now. I will show them the real Cindy Jones not the little shy and scared girl. Tomorrow I will show them the real me. I will make them regret. Trust me I will. Not by punching them, but mentally. If they know the real me and what I had been through they will seriously regret I know they will. I will be the cold ass bitch and they don’t even have to complain they made me too the bitch I am today.

- Cindy 

I was smiling like an idiot.

Cindy: Say hey too the real Cindy


I was sitting alone; I could feel all the students look at me.

Cindy: Take a picture it last longer

I really liked the new Cindy.

The students walked away.

 And then the ‘gang’ walked in.



I walked in the cafeteria I looked around and saw Cindy sitting there all alone. It’s been two weeks since I saw her.

Sarah: Look the bitch is back

Ryan: aww look at her she looks scared

Chaz: Come I want too annoy her

We walked over to Cindy.



I was eating my food while I was reading a book.

Emily: Well well well the cutter is back

Cindy: Got a problem?

I was talking too her while I was eating and looking down at my book. I like the new ice cold bitch Cindy.

Sarah: Actually yes

I stood up, and looked at Sarah

Cindy: So tell me about your issue being a slut?

I started to laugh, 

All the students were looking at us

Chaz: Ey bitch watch your mouth

Cindy: aw look at you Chaz standing under the shadows of Justin and Ryan

Chaz: what the fuck?

I started to whisper

Cindy: Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about honey

He looked shocked at me

. Then I walked away, 

I know you wonder how I know all these stuff about them. Let’s just say that people talk. And I have Demi.



Chaz: Ey bitch watch your mouth

Cindy: Aw look at you Chaz standing under the shadows of Justin and Ryan

Chaz: what the fuck?

Cindy: Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about honey

She whispered

He looked really shocked and so did I
, Wow Cindy is becoming a cold ass bitch but trust me I will make her to the little small ugly girl again

Ryan: Wow what the hell happened too Cindy?

Emily: That fucking bitch thinks that she is so cool

Sarah: Trust me I will get her down again. And I will make sure she don’t even look up at me again.

Chaz: Can’t wait

Justin: We have to make her small again!

Sarah: Trust me we will



I walked in the hall ways all the students were looking at me. I really don’t give a fuck.

Demi: Cindy hey

Cindy: oh hey Demi

Demi: I heard what you did in the cafeteria today

Cindy: how?

Demi: everybody is talking about it

Cindy: Really?

Demi: Yes 

and then the group of animals walked in

Justin: Hey Demi

Demi: Hey Justin

they kissed

Cindy: Get a fucking room

Sarah: shut the fuck up

Cindy: I thought I gave you a lesson back in the cafeteria?

Sarah: Well you thought wrong

Cindy: Do you want one more?

Emily: Slut

Cindy: what did you just call me?

Emily: you heard me

Cindy: no you didn’t I will kill you fucking bitch

Then I started to beat her up, 

Demi was trying to take me away from Emily. 

Emily was lying there on the ground helpless

Sarah: Ey bicth leave her alone

Okay that is enough, 

I grabbed  her hair

Sarah: My fucking hair

I slapped her she fell to the ground beside Emily

. This sounds weird I was beating two people at ones?

Cindy: This is fucking enough I hate you two

And then I started to beat them even more while they were lying on the ground.



Demi and some of the other students were trying to hold me back

Mr. Smith: ENOUGH!

We all stopped and looked at Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith: What the hell are you doing?

Cindy: You have eyes

Mr. Smith: Enough Cindy! Go home I will call your parents next time you do something like this!

Then I pushed Demi’s arm away and walked home.


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