My bully hates me.

Justin: “Were the fuck is that bitch?” Emily: “I think I found her” I looked around and then I saw her sitting all alone. This is going to be a good day for her Maybe.. Demi: “Guys why don’t we get a sandwich come let’s go” Justin: “No, come on Demi” We walked over to Cindy, she notices us and she tried to run away. I grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall. She looked really scared that’s how I like it. I pushed her to the floor while Emily and Sarah were beating her. She started to scream and all the other students just walked away, they didn’t do anything because they know who I am. Then Cindy looked at Demi and started to scream her name. Demi didn’t do anything. Good girl.
Did I Just?


11. 10. Sick

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I walked in to my room I was crying. This prank has gone too far. They know that I cut.
I hate my life! I want to die. But I can’t leave my mom and brother.
No one deserve my life not even Justin. My dad and sister is gone. Everybody hates me in school. Look at me I am so fucking ugly. I just hate my life I really do!

Derek: Ey Cindy open the door

I didn’t answer

Derek: Cindy!

Then he walked in.

Derek: what the hell happened to you?

Cindy: Nothing

i said smiling, fake smiling

Derek: Don’t lie to me Cindy!

Cindy: Okay, I just miss Dad and Carly

I lied. Not that I don’t miss them, but I don’t want to tell Derek about Justin.

Derek: I know you do. I miss them too

He hugged me and walked out.


So today me and Demi are meeting at the park today. I think that Demi really hates me.

Demi is here. Keep calm Justin.

Demi: hi

Justin: Hey

Justin: Demi I’m so sorry

Demi: Justin don’t say sorry to me! Say sorry too Cindy

Demi: What the hell is wrong with you huh?

Justin: Demi I didn’t mean too-

Demi: Seriously Justin? U didn’t mean too?

Justin: Okay yes I did. Okay today I go over to Cindy and say sorry just for you okay?

Demi: No Justin

Justin: So you don’t want me to say sorry too Cindy?

Demi: Don’t do this for me! Do this for Cindy

Justin: Demi..

Demi: Justin I have to good bye

Justin: Bye

He kissed me and then I walked away


Mom I’m sick

Payton: Don’t lie Cindy!

Cindy: Mom!

peyton: Go now!


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