Well. I just don't know

Im just going to put things from horror games here.


1. Knock Knock

You should play this game alone. Get up three hours before sunrise. Say this to yourself three times: "I didn't forget anything". Walk through your darkened house and turn on the lights in each room. Go back to the room you started in. Close your eyes. Try to fucus on the first thing that comes to mind. If you imagine face, that being will come to live in your home.


This ks a game which should be played in the dark. Sit in front of the window and close your eyes. Imagine that something new appeared in the inky darkness beyond the window. Say this to yourself: "Its there. I simply didnt see it before now". Repeat this, until yoy feel that someone is watching you through the window. Then leave the room.


Try either of these and tell me if it worked and/or what happened. I found these on the horror game Knock Knock for iPad and computer. I did not come up with these on my own. They were on random notes that were on my screen while playing it.


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