Strangers in love

Anna always had abuse in life from her ex-boyfriend and drunk dad, but one night she decides to run away. She's tired and has nowhere to go when a handsome stranger finds her hidding behind a bush. What will happen next?


11. The Mall

"Where do you want to go next?" Jake asked. "How about Rue21?" "Ok" He said as we walked to the shop. We have only been at the mall a short time and already it feel as if I have been here forever. "I have an idea."

"What is it?"

"Well you may not like it, but what if I picked out some of the outfits?"

"What kind of outfits?" I asked sounding worried about what he was going to pick.

"You'll just have to find out." He said with a smirk. Ok now I was worried.

"Fine but nothing sluty."

"I promise." And with that he ran to the clothing section. I rolled my eyes and went searching for something as well. I grabbed some jeans and shirts and started my way to the dressing rooms. "Hey wait!" I turned around to face Jake and he piled a bunch of clothes on me. "When you try them on I want to see." He said smiling. I tried to balance the clothes and walk to the dressing room at the same time.

I was almost done trying them on and only had a few left I wasn't sure about. "Are you almost done?" Jake has liked all of them so far but the last few he picked were dresses ....... and I am NOT a dress person. I decided to just try them on anyways. I put one on and walked out.

Jake's P.O.V

She has been in there awhile and still hasn't come out yet. I was starting to worry when she came out. I was speechless. She had on a white dress with flower patterns on it in different colors. Her beautiful hair flowed perfectly behind her and her forest green eyes brightened the room. "How do I look?" She asked. "You look beautiful." I said without thinking twice. She blushed shyly. "Thanks but I'm not." She said while looking at the ground. I cupped her face with my hands and looked her in the eyes. "Your beautiful no madder what." We stared into each others eyes. I leaned forward and so did she and we kissed. I didn't understand the feelings I felt when I kissed her. It was like my whole insides were tingly and I was in a trance. 

Anna's P.O.V

I was confused and happy at the same time. He was kissing me and I became unaware of everything around me. He slowly pulled away. "I'm sorry I just... uh.... couldn't stop myself"

"It's ok...." There was a long silence until he spoke. "Why don't I pay for these and then we can go?" "Ok"

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