Strangers in love

Anna always had abuse in life from her ex-boyfriend and drunk dad, but one night she decides to run away. She's tired and has nowhere to go when a handsome stranger finds her hidding behind a bush. What will happen next?


6. The fight

*Crunch* I turned around and found my dad standing near a tree on the other side of the park. All memories of him beating me came flooding back in my mind. I couldn't let him find me.

"I know your here!" He yelled through the park. He must have followed me here. He didn't see me yet so I tryed to hide farther in the bush until I realized I was still being held by the stranger.

"I have to go know" I told him before getting up and quietly walking away. I was at the entrance of the park about to leave when the most unfortunate thing happened.

I stepped on a long dead branch. It made a loud snap.

"Who's there? Anna I see you." The last part he said was whisperd in my ear. I turned around and found my drunk dad with a stick in in his hand. Before I had a chance to run he hit me across the face with the stick. I fell to the ground and reached for my lip which was bleeding. He raised the stick again about to hit me. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain that never came. I slowly began to open my eyes and found my dad fighting with the man that helped me. I still didn't know his name. I ran and hid behind a bench for protection in case this turned out wrong. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to see what happens next but I could still hear them fighting. When all the fighting stopped and all I could hear was the wind I looked up slowly afraid to see who won. When I looked up the man was standing in front of me.

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