Strangers in love

Anna always had abuse in life from her ex-boyfriend and drunk dad, but one night she decides to run away. She's tired and has nowhere to go when a handsome stranger finds her hidding behind a bush. What will happen next?


1. My Past


I jumped up and turned around, not surprised, to see the one and only Trisha. We have been best friends since second grade. I was new to the school then, and Trisha was my only friend.

"Well, Anna, what do you say?"

"Huh, sorry could you repeat that?"

"I was asking if you wanted to come to a party tonight?"

Of course, it's friday and being a senior at Bunkwood High, there is always a party on fridays. It's like tradition or something.

"Um sure, but whos party is it?"

"John Harper"

At that name I frowned. John Harper is my ex-boyfriend. We dated for a year and a half, but then he broke up with me for some cheeky whore. But I understand why he left me for her. I mean, who in there right mind whould ever want to date me? I have long wavey blond hair that reaches my ass with bright green eyes. My eyes are so unnormally bright that they almost glow! My skin is pale with my face covered in freckles.

"I don't think i'll go then." I said while looking at the ground. I knew Trisha would be mad but i couldn't just show up at his party uninvited.

"But you have to go!" Trisha whined as I rolled my eyes.

"You know he's my ex. I just can't face him... after what happened." John was an abusive boyfriend. He would hit me countless times and try to rape me but I was to strong and always broke free. And yes he was the one who broke up with me and your probably wondering why I didn't break up with him. But to be honest, I was scared to.

"Please oh please oh please!" Trisha whined and I finaly gave in.

"Ok I'll go just stop whineing"


"Yeah yeah" I let out a sigh.

"I'll pick you up at around 8:00pm"


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