Strangers in love

Anna always had abuse in life from her ex-boyfriend and drunk dad, but one night she decides to run away. She's tired and has nowhere to go when a handsome stranger finds her hidding behind a bush. What will happen next?


5. Him

I ran as fast as I could.

"COME BACK HERE!" I heard him yell but it sounded far away. I just kept running until I came across a park.

I went in the park looking around. I was exausted and went over to a bush to rest. I hid behind the bush and took in my surroundings. I looked at myself I was still in my black skinny jeans and high tops but my shirt was gone and instead had a black lace bra on. I was hoping that no one would see me but at the same time I wanted someone to help me. *Crunch* I turned around and saw a dark figure walking this way.

"Are you ok miss?" His voice was sweet and filled with concern.

"Actually no" My voice was shakey and quiet.

"What happened? Do you want me to call someone?" He was now sitting next to me.

"I ran away from home." He looked at me suprised.

"Is there anyone you want me to call?"

I started to think of who to call when I realized.... I had no one. I couldn't go home and I was still mad at Trisha. Suddenly without warning I broke down crying. He pulled me close and I cryed into his crest. He smelled so good and I couldn't help but feel safe. He started rubbing my back trying to calm me down. I was actually calming down. But that soon changed........

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