guided by love // a ziam fanfic

Liam is damaged. Liam is a robber. Liam is broken.

Zayn is damaged. Zayn is lost. Zayn is broken.

Will the two broken boys be able to mend each other's hearts.
Will Liam and Zayn be saved from their troubles?


2. one.

"Liam, I'm worried about you," grandmother said over the phone, her voice cracking.

"Don't be, I'm perfectly fine," I reply as I run my hand over the beautiful diamond and gold necklace I had just stolen.

I actually don't like to think of myself as a thief. Robber. Anything negative like that.

I like to think of it like my job. Well, it sort of is my job.

I steal and sell it. I make money. I get payed. It's my job.

"But Liam, you were in the news again today." My grandmother says and I can tell tears are streaming out of her eyes and down her face.

"But," I say trying to defend myself but she interrupts me. "Liam, I just don't want you to turn up to be like your father."

That shut me up.

My father. How could she even bring HIM up.?!

"I am not him. I'm nothing like him." I say through gritted teeth.

"Hun, your not, but your going to be if you don't stop what your doing. You're only twenty- two. Liam, I just want you to grow up and have a nice and happy life." she sobs.

I breathe out heavily.

"I'll try," I say. "I'll try,"


"Hmmm, good quality. I would say two twenty-five," a bald headed man says. I don't know his name, but I've sold to him many times.

He has a thick German accent. He has two, so called guards, behind him, their sleeveless shirts show their huge biceps. They are the type of people that could probably throw me through a brick wall. I don't want to mess with them. Definitely.

We are in a dark alley in the suburbs of town. Two buildings to our sides and a building to my back so I'm cornered in if I ever wanted to run. But I take the chance.

"Hell no. I already told you, three fifty minimum," I growled looking the man in the eye with a stern look. I close the satchel of my valuable items and pulls it closer to my chest.

He sighs and runs his thumb over the diamond.

"Two fifty,"

"Three forty-five,"

"Two twenty,"

"Three forty"

"Two," "No," I interrupt the man, "I'm not going lower,"

The man looks back at his guard to his right and the man nods.

"Okay, you want to play it that way huh." He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a hand gun. He dusts it off with his fingers and then smirks at me.

"I get that whole bag or your head will be blown to bits," he says and points the gun to my bag of all my items to sell that's hanging from my shoulder and then to the center of my forehead.

"Woah, dude you don't need," I stammer and take a small step back.

"Ah, but I do," the man cuts me off and steps closer to me, the gun still pointing at me.

"I get all or your dead," he demands.

I pull the satchel away from my chest and look at it for a second. I look at the man, who was still ponying the gun at me. I quickly and timidly handed it to the man.

He takes it and smiles proudly. He still has his gun pointed to me and he doesn't break his eye contact with me as he hands back my satchel.

"That's a good lad," he says with a smirk then lowers his gun and starts to walk away.

I let out a shaky breath and look up to the sky, silently thanking God.

Then I hear the mans voice again. It echoes around the alley.

"You never saw me,"

He's facing me and has the gun pointed at me.

I hear the familiar click sound.

All I remember is the bang of the gun.

Okay, so this is the first chapter! I can't wait to get this fanfic started!! Please comment what you think please. Thanks so much for everything and don't forget to fan, favorite, comment and keep reading :) love you!

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